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Meet Jane, Senior Fellow Extraordinaire

August 11, 2017 at 8:55 am
By Jane Kelly '18

full color photo of the entrance to Scoville Hall, where Admissions is housed
Welcome to Admissions! My name is Jane, and when I’m not an admissions fellow, I enjoy being a senior English major who also enjoys rugby, theater, walks in the arb, and El Tri. I’ve become very good at introducing myself this summer, because when you’re an admissions fellow you end up introducing yourself at least 3 – 1,000,000 times a day. My day begins when I wander into Scoville at around 8:00 in the morning – the new building is so nice!

full color photo of smiling student Fellows
After grabbing a cup of coffee, I’ll head upstairs to our work station. As you can see, we are a very serious bunch. My work tasks include answering emails in the admission inbox (if you email, you’re emailing me!). You would be surprised how often people think we’re the Carleton University in Canada!

photo of business cards with Jane's contact information
One of the bests parts of the job is I get my own business cards!

full color photo of students eating lunch together on couches
A favorite part of my day is lunch – because we get to eat together as a group! Sometimes we’ll visit the library, or go for a walk, or meet up with some of the other Carls on campus for the summer.

full color photo showing 3 Admissions Fellows wearing casual and business attire

Another admissions task is leading tours! Learning how to walk backward was not easy for me. We also lead interviews, which is why we have to bring two outfits to the office – some fancy dress for interviewing prospective students and more casual clothes for leading tours! We also will usually bring a sweater, because the office AC is cold!

full color photo of Admissions staff enjoying a birthday celebration

A final perk of being admissions fellow is not only the incredible amount of free food that is in the office at any given time, but the people I work with. From my other fellows to everyone else who works in the office, it’s been wonderful to work with them all!

Jane is a senior Admissions Fellow from Wisconsin. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

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