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See you later, Holly!

October 5, 2017 at 9:10 am
By Admissions Office Blog

Last month, we said "see you later!" to a beloved colleague, Holly, as she goes on to pursue her master's degree in Texas. Read on to hear how Holly ended up working in Carleton's admissions office, her favorite trips, and what she's most looking forward to in Texas. 

Q. What were your specific majors you graduated with in 2014? Where did you study abroad in your time at Carleton?

A. I graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Latin American Studies. I also had a Concentration in African/African-American Studies and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Spanish. During my time at Carleton I went abroad three times (while still competing as a varsity athlete and singing in an a capella group!). The summer after my freshman year I traveled with Round River Conservation Studies to Atlin, British Columbia, Canada and learned about natural history and marmots and hiked and gutted fish and heard the stories of the Tlingit First Nation. Then, during the spring of my sophomore year, I did a home-stay program through Carleton in Lima, Peru. I took classes with Carleton Professor Jose Cerna-Bazan as well as courses through la Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya. I spent the majority of my time in Lima but was able to also travel to Cuzco, Valle Sagrado, Andahuaylillas, Ollantaytambo, and Trujillo (to name a few places). And, finally, my senior year I went with a St. Olaf Interim program to Cuba with Professors Jeanne Delaney and Ariel Strichartz. While I was taking part in this program I was also conducting independent research for my Latin American Studies comps; I was looking at the social utility of underground hip hop music for urban youth around the nation.

Q. What was it like making the transition from being a student to working as a staff member?

A. I started working for the Admissions Office less than two months after I graduated. So I quickly had to figure out how to be employed by the institution that just helped me learn and grow so much. Honestly, I believe so fully in Carleton's academic and social missions that the transition to an employee was pretty smooth; I was excited for work from day 1!

Q. What has been your favorite part about working at Carleton? What will you miss the most?

A. It has been pretty incredible seeing digital applications turn into friends and colleagues. We read hundreds of applications filled with stories, thoughts, and wonderful people. To then be able meet the students who were simply applications is thrilling! Most of the time they're even more exciting than their applications could begin to describe. That being said, it will definitely be the people I will miss most. Not just my colleagues in the Admissions Office and the wonderful students we've been able to admit but also my professors and mentors who I met seven years ago, the staff in Sayles (I'm still eating over there at least once a week!), and the custodians and facilities team who has helped me with many large prospective student events.

Q. What was your most memorable trip recruiting internationally? What made it distinctive?

A. I have been afforded many incredible opportunities through my work with the Admissions Office, one of which is international recruitment. Due to language courses I took while I was a student at Carleton I've been well suited to recruit in South and Central America. My first international trip was in the fall of 2015 and I went to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. We were lucky enough to have our weekend in Lima, Peru and I met up with two good friends from my time abroad three years before. It was amazing that my work could bring me back to a city, friends, and food that I had been missing for many years. It was also a great reminder of how expansive the Carleton network is!

Q. What are you most looking forward to about grad school? About living in Texas?

A. My hope is that a degree in Global Policy Studies will propel me into a career working with international nonprofit organizations, specifically assisting with aspects of rural health and women's health in Latin America. Texas will be very different than my previous two homes in Vermont and Minnesota but I'm ready to learn to love the heat and saying "y'all" (I already crave tacos and live music!).

We are sad that Holly has left us but wish her well on her future endeavors in Texas! Holly plans to be an active member of Carleton's Alumni Admissions Representative (AAR) Program in Austin, TX and can't wait to continue meeting awesome high school students who are interested in Carleton.

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