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Happy Hump Week

October 10, 2017 at 8:53 am
By Eve Liu '20

h e l l o w o r l d !

Happy Hump Week! It’s the metaphorical Wednesday of the term - we’re already into Fifth Week, and next Monday is midterm break. This weekend, I (belatedly) celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival,  cooked a traditional stir-fried tomato and scrambled egg dish for Firebellies’ Foodgressive, ate homemade frybread and wild rice soup (courtesy of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance), attended the opening reception for Shahzia Sikander's PARALLAX (and got lunch with her!), enjoyed a karaoke/movie night with new friends, and rehearsed in the Chapel for the Cultural Showcase next week. I had an amazing weekend, but this upcoming week will be a test of my strength and self-discipline.

I got my CS prelim back and solidifying my understanding of the questions I missed and preparing for my next exam will take priority this week. At the same, though, I’ve still got several performance videos to edit for the Music Department, a room to clean, laundry to do (ASIA House’s washing machine broke), a self-portrait to work on, and some research to dig into.

I hope that, for everyone, this week is filled with hard work, smart work, love, sunshine, and laughter.

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To the (initial) dismay of her parents, Eve is an aspiring fashion creative seeking to break the starving artist stereotype. When she isn't drinking coffee at Sayles, the Minnesotan gal can be found wandering the Weitz, browsing memes at the Libe, or reinventing old recipes at Dacie Moses. On campus, she is involved in Firebellies, Karl-Pop, CSA, and Carleton Art Society, among other cool student organizations.

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