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Winter "At a Glance"

January 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm
By Eve Liu '20

Carleton’s online Academic Calendar usually provides a string of pdfs documenting dates to remember. For my first blog post of the 2017-18 school year, I personalized my own series of events. Now, I’m creating another version of what I’m looking out for - or forward to - one trimester later.

School Begins Jan 3 Annnd we’re back. Happy 2018, everyone! This term, I’m taking Constitutional Law II, Ethnic Conflict, Elaboration on Perception: Drawing II (in conjunction with part I last term and with a New York Studio Art trip over break), and Fashion Illustration/Design.
(Weekend of) Mid-term Break Feb 3-5 !!!!!!
Midwinter Ball Feb 3 I’m taking Social Dance this term. Still not prepared to hit the dance floor on Feb 3.
Lunar New Year Feb 16 Brought wonton wrappers, turkey, and Chinese greens to campus… I’ll be making wontons with a prof and friends this weekend.

Aside from reading days and finals, that’s all I have on my radar for now. There’s still more to come, though, so look out for updates on my blog!

All the best this year,

To the (initial) dismay of her parents, Eve is an aspiring fashion creative seeking to break the starving artist stereotype. When she isn't drinking coffee at Sayles, the Minnesotan gal can be found wandering the Weitz, browsing memes at the Libe, or reinventing old recipes at Dacie Moses. On campus, she is involved in Firebellies, Karl-Pop, CSA, and Carleton Art Society, among other cool student organizations.

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