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Floor Tiles, Carpets, and Roads

February 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm
By An Kitamura '21

My initial plan about this blog was to write about my midterm break. However, it came to my mind that for my blog, I have been writing about special events or random unusual encounters. Although I enjoy sharing those moments, I thought I’d change things up a bit and decided to write about some common everyday things. Therefore, this blog will be about the one and only, Floor Tiles! Because what’s a better way to share the Carleton experience through the screen than pictures of floor tiles that all Carls and Carleton faculty has stepped foot on?

Our first step - I mean stop - is my dorm room carpet.

This carpet is gray with a slightly dark hue that matches with the cozy home atmosphere of the Burton residence hall. I am pleased with the soft texture, but one thing I have trouble with is that it is very hard to see crumbs on it, which is very annoying to me during finals week when vacuuming the floor is the least of my concerns.

Next, we will head out of Burton and walk for a couple of minutes to get to the Weitz.

Weitz has the artsy vibe that motivates even the non-artistic people, like myself, to try some form of art. Weitz has a variety of floors to match the scenes of each of the areas such as the cinema, the dance studio, and the music studios. I chose the floor of the entrance because the simplicity of this floor design matches the modern design of the entrance.

After all of this virtual walking, I believe most of you are hungry, so our next stop is the Burton dining hall.

This floor was one of the hardest to take a picture of. Amidst the rush of the students during Monday lunch hour, I managed to successfully snap a picture of the floor without anyone’s foot in it. Two rectangles forming a square, and changing colors from light to dark, this might be my favorite tile so far, if I’m allowed to even have a favorite floor tile.

Next is Leighton, where most of the History and Social Anthropology classes are held. I don’t have any social science courses this term, but my academic advisor, who is amazing, is a professor in the History department and has her office here and my Biology prefect session is also held here, so I find myself in Leighton pretty often this term. To make things clear, the hall ways of Leighton are tiles, and this picture is the carpet of Leighton room 330.

Last on our tour is the ice rink at the bald spot. During winter term, Carleton has two ice rinks on the bald spot. Everyone can burrow ice skates or hockey shoes from the rec (recreation center) and skate for as long as they want until the rec closes.

Thank you for coming along with me and I hope you all enjoyed this tour.

An is a freshman from Japan who is thankful that Minneapolis has a direct flight from Tokyo. She loves animals, both stuffed and alive, and one of the hardest parts of packing for college for her was choosing which plushie to bring to Carleton or, sadly, leave at home. She is currently undecided about her major and is excited to explore new subjects.

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