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Lots of love (and safe travels home)

November 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm
By kjumbe

The fall term is closing out here at Carleton, where our trimester system sends students off to do their own thing for 6 weeks (see previous post) before returning to the blue skies (no, seriously) and unique cold of January.

I want to pretend that all the students this past weekend were studying outside like this:

A class outside of Laird

but it turns out this photo is from some distant season we call spring (pronounced, sp-ring).  No, it's much more likely that students were curled up inside, maybe in their rooms, but more often on a couch in the Libe:

Studying in the Libe

Regardless of where students are studying (and for all I know there were 2 or 3 nutters holding sessions outdoors in the snow), it's a rare finals weekend when students only study (see Marlena's photo essay for more).  So I asked a sampling of folks: "What are the highs and lows of finals?"

  • Kate T. '11: Highs: Free food at Late Night Breakfast, Silent Dance Party, late night shenanigans with fellow procrastinators, the excitement of the light at the end of the tunnel.Lows: I always think I'm free because I don't have class and inevitably schedule lots of obligations, social and otherwise. Also when it was daylight savings time during finals last winter and I had to ask the library what that meant for their 3am closing time. A new low.
  • Bes '12: [abroad on a non-Carleton program in Denmark] Reading day highs: Finals and writing papers abroad are not as intense as Carleton finals. Reading day lows: Finals still exist -- so I have to take time off exploring to study!
  • Erik '13: The highs of reading days and finals are the sense of accomplishment you get after turning in a paper or finishing a test.  The lows are the stress involved with studying for the tests and writing the papers.
  • Khant Khant '11: The high of reading days for me is  knowing that we will be going on a break soon! As much as it sounds 'nerdy,' I also enjoy looking back at the term's learning and consolidating them in the final assignments. That thinking and midnight breakfast gets me through the lows of finals:lots of work!
  • Kaitlin '12: The highs--I have an amazing photography project that's been a blast to work on. Being able to cozy up in the libe and work for hours tuning everyone else out.
    Lows- The stress of exams.
  • Kate A. '11: The mini-concert that the Carleton Singing Knights put on in the library on Friday night of finals is a highlight for me. You have to take a study break when you're being serenaded by an a capella group!

So here's to the (thrice yearly) end of things, to lots of food, and lots of studying, some singing and dancing, and, most importantly, safe travels home.


  • November 23 2010 at 11:30 am
    Deepa Iyengar

    no primal scream?

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