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Minnesota's Affordable Colleges

July 1, 2011 at 10:53 am

A recent article in the StarTribune raised awareness of the cost of the University of Minnesota.  Within that article, Carleton was highlighted as a one affordable option for low-income families to consider. 

We work hard to make Carleton affordable for every student who earns admission to the college.  Of course, being affordable doesn’t just refer to a financial aid package – it also takes into consideration the value of the Carleton experience, and what you’ll get for your investment  Thanks to our wide-ranging opportunities in and out of the classroom, Carleton will help your child become a more creative problem solver, a more insightful group contributor, a more open-minded, interdisciplinary thinker.  

You can afford to send your child to college.  This is often the single most important investment that families make for their children.  However, when a family does not have the means to consider Carleton, we are prepared to help where we can.  We are committed to creating a partnership with parents and student to make a Carleton education attainable.  One way to get a better sense of our financial aid program is to use our Estimator, which will give you an approximation of the award you might expect at Carleton.   Consider thid: 52% of our freshman class qualified for need-based aid, and the average need-based award for these students was $36,142.  For low-income students, the average net price was $7,963.

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