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Yippy Skippy!

January 25, 2012 at 12:26 pm
And now for some lighthearted fun: Kayla's talked to you about a lot, from music that'll break you out of a stress funk to cupcake sampling while abroad. Here, she talks to you about Peanut Butter. Just goes to show, our students sure are observant.

Yippy Skippy!

As an incoming freshman I was easily one of the pickiest eaters ever.  I will never claim that this was my fault (entirely) because much of it had to do with my slightly older sister eating next to nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  However, out of this culinary difficulty came a unique appreciation for the PB in PB&J or just for PB&Js in general.  I love them.  When all else fails, I’ll eat one.  I had a crunchy peanut butter and homemade raspberry jelly sandwich for lunch at school every day since first grade.  That habit didn’t change when I came to Carleton.  When nothing looked that appetizing in the dining hall, it was my staple (and still is sometimes). 

This is when I came to truly appreciate each type of peanut butter.  I had always been a Skippy or Jif girl growing up but Carleton threw some other less tasty and more varied options at me.  Organic peanut butter is good in all, I’ll eat it, but it isn’t exactly my favorite.  I discovered this very early in my college days.  It’s kind of gritty gross to me or at least what they had in the dining hall was.  I put up with it when they did not have other options but over time Bon Appétit shifted to having up to three, yes THREE types of peanut butter available to students daily!  Creamy, organic creamy and chunky PB!  It’s a PB&J’s dream.  There is also strawberry and raspberry J and sometimes even grape J!  Every year I come back to Carleton to see what Bon Appétit has in store for one of my favorite foods.  I hope they’ll keep the large variety for future generations of picky Carls because it’s always nice to have some yummy peanut butter to brighten your day.

*I would like to note that I eat all kinds of veggies and fruits and things other than PB&Js and bread now.  My taste buds finally had the opportunity to flourish and grow in the last 3 years here!  And if you ever study abroad at Carleton, prepare yourself for the possibility of forgoing your beloved PB for the entirety of your trip.  And be thankful it’s a cheaper delicacy in the States :)

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