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updates from Johnson House

December 8, 2011 at 10:14 am
By Jaime Anthony '06, Assistant Dean

Woof!  It's been quite busy here these past few weeks in Johnson House.  Our Early Decision applications were up over 20%... which isn't an absolutely good or bad thing.  As we discovered last week in our first gathering of committee deliberations, the increase in numbers was accompanied by a major increase in applicant quality, too!  Yikes.  This, too, is a blessing and a burden.  While we're always delighted to work with such talented students, it's difficult as we grapple with a new set of standards. (Hmmm... reminds me of a Radiolab episode, "New Normal" - check it out.)   It's already difficult to describe Who Gets In both accurately and encouragingly, and when the quality of our applicants jumps up without warning, it's a bit scary for us, and for you.  Frustratingly, it sometimes means that the borderline students we could advocate for with a good amount of conviction no longer have a chance, too.  But, fear not, oh reader... we're still dedicated to our thorough application review process, which takes into account a huge variety of factors, not just SAT and ACT scores.

On a more lighthearted note... here are some snapshots from around the office this morning.

Chapel surrounded by bare trees and snow. Text: "Snow! Glorious snow!"

Heavy-duty snowboots. Text: "Got your snowboots ready?"

Snowman string lights. Text: "A little seasonal decorating..."

Boxes of large envelopes with embossed seals. Text: "Ready to be stuffed with good news!"

Potted plant sitting in front of a snowy window. Text: "Here's a sad poinsettia we're nursing back to life."

Common Application form displayed on a computer monitor. Text: "Application reading is all digital now! We don't have stacks of files to show you."

Rubber, mini bust of Schiller in front of a larger, metal version. Both look up with visionary expressions. Text: "Schiller guides the way."


  • December 9 2011 at 11:47 am
    Jaime Anthony '06, Assistant Dean

    Ah, yes... this wonderful time of year when the blog comments start streaming in, asking "when and how and why and where will we find out??"

    Don't be fooled by our online reading process: we're still pretty old-school when it comes to notifying students of their admissions decisions.  All admissions decisions (admit, defer, and refuse) went out in the mail yesterday.   Late next week, we'll also post the admissions decision on your application status page.  As far as I know, you won't get an email with your admissions decision.  Admitted students with international addresses will receive an admit packet via FedEx.  In the past, we haven't FedExed waitlist, defer, or refuse letters.

    - Jaime

  • December 11 2011 at 9:18 pm
    Bill Xu

    That's awesome!


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