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The Weitz Center!

October 28, 2012 at 7:13 pm

The Weitz Center for Creativity opened this past fall of 2011, so the Admissions Fellows have had a year to explore the facilities and discover their favorite places. We by far did not cover all the amazing rooms (talk to any CAMS major and I’m sure they would scoff at our choices) but here are some places that have provided some great memories for all of us in this incredible new interdisciplinary space.

Erik Anderson '13

My favorite space in the Weitz is the interactive classroom.  I had an amazing upper level political science course in here and the class was small enough that we could each project our work on a different screen all at once.  We were each working on our own agent-based models and the room allowed us to effectively present our work and receive feedback.

Class in the Weitz interactive classroom

Ellen Farnham '13

Room 236 is officially called the Class of 1963 Larson Meeting Room, but I know it as “that room with a ton of tables, a big screen and chalkboard, and lots of cool events.” This room is an excellent conference room - my roommate Lindsay organized a community wide food forum and brought in farmers, dining managers, and students to discuss Carleton’s movement towards ‘real food.’ I’ve also seen some amazing presentations in this room - the ENTS major hosted their comps presentations there last spring, and there was plenty of room for presenters, attendees, and, most importantly, a refreshments table. No other conference or presentation space on campus compares to the Larson. The portraits of Carleton’s presidents are also a great touch - although, no one will ever top the sass of Laurence Gould’s tableau.

Real Food Forum in Larson Meeting Room

Carleton Gets Real Food Forum and Dialogue Across the Food Shed” - photo by Marlena Hartman-Filson

Charlie Bentley '13

When Weitz opened last year, I was most excited to see the new art museum. My work study job since arriving at Carleton has been an art gallery attendant – I greet visitors as they enter, answer questions about the changing exhibitions, and more generally serve as a source of knowledge about Carleton’s arts. Really though, I sit at the reception desk and do homework in a room filled with beautiful art. It’s a pretty great gig. The old art gallery was in the basement of the old music hall, a building that currently sits in limbo between demolition and extensive renovation. The space was dark and when the snow melted, the ceiling leaked. It never felt like an appropriate display space for such beautiful paintings, sculptures, or photography. The new museum was a needed space.The Perlman Museum is incredible. The ceilings are 15-feet high and there are huge windows that let natural light flood into the space. The museum doors are just around the corner from the main entrance to Weitz. One of the grand opening exhibitions included artist Tristin Lowe's massive neon sculpture "Comet: God Particle."

Tristan Lowe sculpture in the Perlman Museum 

Sarah Nielsen '13

My favorite place in Weitz is the theatre.  Although I am not involved in the theatre department, I always enjoy going to the different theatrical events on campus.  The Weitz theatre is where all the large productions take place.  This past year the school performed The Tempest,  Farragut North, and The Oresteia.  The moveable seating and new theatre technology gives the theatre department a lot of freedom when developing sets and choreographing the shows.  I always enjoy going to the shows and supporting my friends that are from all different departments as they come together and pursue a common passion.
The Oresteia, Spring 2012

"The Oresteia, Spring 2012" - photo by Linnea Bullion

Danny Ulman '13

The commons in the Weitz Center is probably my favorite space. The huge windows bring in a ton of light, and coupled with Weitz Cafe, it is a great place to study. On the other hand, the comfortable couches make it a nice place to relax or even nap. Many student groups take advantage of the large open space.
Weitz Commons

Devin Holewinski '13

I'm a huge fan of our new cinema at the Weitz Center. It's like having a commercial theater on campus - comfy seats and huge screen included. The Student Union Movie Organization (SUMO) purchases screening rights to movies right after they leave theaters so we can catch the latest Wes Anderson flick or Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster on a Friday or Saturday night without having to leave campus or pay for tickets. During the week they also screen art-house movies and student favorites. The space is also used to screen important televised events, like the State of the Union Address or, possibly in the future, the Super Bowl. If only the popcorn machine was always running...

Entrance to the Weitz Cinema 

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