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Emily Balczewski '16

  • Newburgh, IN
  • Emily's favorite course is Geology 100 - Geology in the Field.
  • Q: What's the most important thing you've learned at Carleton OUTSIDE the classroom?
    A: If you are interested in something, don't be afraid to start a club or host an event: chances are, other Carls are interested too! I thought it was a cool (and far-fetched) idea to have a TEDx conference at Carleton. So I sent out some emails for funding, got a license from TED, started a club, and gathered a motivated group of volunteers. Everyone I talked to about TED offered encouragement and support--two of my professors even helped me get funding to attend an official TED conference in California! The first ever TEDxCarletonCollege will take place October 12, 2013 with a speaker lineup of Carleton students, faculty, and alumni. I hope to see some of you prospective students as attendees or speakers in this or future years!
  • Q: Why did you choose Carleton?
    A: I wanted a school that would challenge me both inside and outside of the classroom and then offer support to allow me to grow academically and personally from these challenging experiences. Small classes, intimate professor relationships, and a kind and diverse student body are key to achieving this, and Carleton has all three!
  • Q: "You know you’re at Carleton when..."
    A: You know you're at Carleton when you have a perspective-shifting, impromptu conversation with a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian, and an Atheist about religion and faith--and it's a perfectly normal Monday night.
  • Q: Did you visit Carleton before applying?
    A: When I visited during Admitted Students Weekend, I audited a 300-level Computer Science Course, with zero previous Computer Science experience. By the end of the lecture, I felt like I had a deep understanding of the material...and had a blast while learning it. That's what Carleton is about: awesome profs, awesome classes, and learning unexpected things in enjoyable ways.
  • Q: Any advice for high school students on their college search?
    A: Unless you are certain of the type of school you want to attend (hint: small, liberal arts, starts with "C," and ends with "ton"), apply to a range colleges of different sizes, locations, teaching philosophies, and social atmospheres. The college application process makes you realize things about yourself and your expectations for college that you may not have known when you made your first "short list." Keeping your options open is a valuable thing!
  • Q: How would you describe the students at Carleton?
    A: There is no typical Carl; we are all a bit...quirky. But I think what unites the campus is a mutual desire to succeed and have passion for SOMETHING. Whether you are really into academics, sports, music, the environment, or all of the above, it doesn't matter--as long as you invest yourself in some way!
  • Q: What would surprise your high school friends about you now?
    A: They would be surprised that I dance!!! I joined Ebony II, the largest student-run dance group at Carleton, and had a blast jamming to Call Me Maybe and Starships during fall term.
  • Q: Did financial aid influence your college decision?
    A: Carleton worked with me and my parents to come up with tuition aid that matched our personal circumstance, and not that was spat out of a calculator; it meant a lot that they were willing to listen to our story and not just the numbers!
  • Q: Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?
    A: Hands down, Geology in the Field. I was loath to take the class, thinking rocks were boring, stagnant, and uninteresting. After taking the class, I think rocks are the coolest things ever (right up with Downton Abbey, chocolate chip cookies, and puppies) and our class is still very close; we enjoy reminiscing about falling into mud pits, finding fossils, and having dance parties during lab. Bottom line, geology rocks!
  • Q: What Carleton traditions have you participated in? Any favorites?
    A: The Silent Dance Party in the Library is a great way to de-stress before finals. There is nothing funnier than busting a move on a table in 4th Libe (the uber-quiet floor) while someone is speed-reading Plato's Republic a few feet away.
  • Q: What would you tell a prospective student about Carleton?
    A: Winter isn't that bad! Coming from California, I bought the largest, puffiest, warmest coat I could find and it wasn't necessary. It's important to try to stay healthy, positive, and active during the overcast months: if you do, winter is a (slightly nippy, but completely bearable) breeze!
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  • Q: How would you describe academic life at Carleton?
    A: Academic life here changes term-by-term. It is key to have a balanced schedule and to explore all of Carleton's fabulous departments. Students here do care about grades, but I think there is a positive culture here that values learning more.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    Emily Balczewski '16

Emily’s Places

  • Lyman Lakes labyrinth

    Emily likes Stewsie Island Labyrinth

    Stewsie Island is the smaller of the two islands on the Lower Lyman Lake. The island was named in honor of D. Blake Stewart, longtime Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. Its meditative labyrinth was constructed in 2002.

    44.4636192321777 -93.1528167724609

  • Hogan Brothers acoustic cafe

    Emily likes Hogan Brothers' Acoustic Cafe

    Hogan Brothers on Division Street is famous for its hoagie sandwiches with secret-recipe dressing. Stop by in the summer for an ice cream cone, on a cold winter's day for soup and sandwiches, or on Acoustic Night to hear local bands.

    44.4559059143066 -93.1600570678711

  • The Tavern

    Emily likes The Tavern

    The Tavern is a cozy restaurant tucked into the lower level of the Archer House, a beautiful 4-story 1877 hotel that's just a stone's throw from campus.

    44.4579696655273 -93.1593933105469

  • Emily likes Tandem Bagels

    Mere blocks from campus, Tandem Bagels is one of Northfield's Division Street eateries. Their offerings include made-from-scratch bagels and baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Open for breakfast and lunch.

    44.4566716356541 -93.1595041748369