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Sam Chao '16

  • Skokie, IL
  • Sam's favorite places include Goodbye Blue Monday and Skinner Memorial Chapel.
  • Goodhue Hall
    Sam lives in Goodhue Hall.
  • Q: What surprised you about Carleton?
    A: The diversity of people you meet. You hear a lot of stereotypes and rumors about the type of students that go to Carleton, but there is a spectrum of personalities on this campus.
  • Q: Any advice for high school students on their college search?
    A: Unless you have to stick to a certain region of the world, cast a wide net - look at schools on the east coast, the west coast, the midwest, or around the world. It might be a little more work to research schools, but it'll pay off if you find a school that suits your needs (even if it ends up being a school somewhere in Minnesota).
  • Q: What other schools did you seriously consider?
    A: Northwestern and Macalester.
  • Q: How would you describe campus life at Carleton?
    A: Life at Carleton is fast-paced. Part of it is the ten-week terms and part of it is the need--for me, at least--to experience everything and anything. It's not that you won't have any free time at Carleton. You'll just have plenty of options of what you can fill your free time with.
  • Q: "You know you’re at Carleton when..."
    A: You know you're at Carleton when you and your friend make level of attachment vs. time graphs for your respective love interests.
  • Q: Did you visit Carleton before applying?
    A: I came to Accepted Student Days, and I remember being stunned by how excited everyone was to see prospies. All of the Carls were really welcoming and eager to convince us why Carleton was the best school.
  • Q: Did financial aid influence your college decision?
    A: Financial aid was a big factor in my college decision. Because I plan on going to graduate school, I didn't want to accumulate a lot of student loans just in my undergraduate years. I hoped to go to a school that would offer me as much financial aid as possible. And it turned out that Carleton offered the best financial aid packages out of the 14 schools I applied to.
  • Q: What campus jobs have you had while at Carleton?
    A: I worked in Burton Dining Hall my freshman year. If you came to eat dinner on Thursdays you would either be blessed by the angelic singing voices of me and my fellow student workers or you would have a laugh watching me (the smallest person on the shift) refilling the milk machine.
  • Q: Why did you choose Carleton?
    A: I was looking for a small school where I would feel challenged but not pressured academically. I was also looking for a school that would let me pursue all of my interests - a double major, varsity sports, and theater - to the fullest. I visited Carleton, and after getting a taste of Minnesota nice and the scent of Malt-o-Meal in the air, I knew Carleton would be a good fit for me.
  • Sam Chao '16
    Sam Chao '16

Sam’s Places

  • Goodhue Hall

    Sam lives in Goodhue Hall

    Goodhue is a residence hall across the Lyman Lakes from the main campus, next to the Arb and the Rec Center. One of its distinguishing features is its "Superlounge," a converted dining hall with a big-screen television as well as ping pong and billiard tables.

    44.4623985290527 -93.1495971679688

  • Goodbye Blue Monday

    Sam likes Goodbye Blue Monday

    Goodbye Blue Monday is a coffee shop on Division Street in downtown Northfield. It's a great place to study because there's free wireless and coffee close at hand. There's also funky art on the walls and hot cider served in the winter.

    44.4567156693198 -93.1597080230495

  • Skinner Memorial Chapel

    Sam likes Skinner Memorial Chapel

    The Chapel is the heart of religious and spiritual life at Carleton, serving as a place of worship and interfaith dialogue for both campus and community. In a typical week, the chapel may host a centering prayer and meditation, a Torah study group, a Christian vespers service, Buddhist meditation, a Labyrinth walk, and an interfaith social justice meeting.

    44.460262298584 -93.1546783447266