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Owen Solis '17

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Owen participates in KRLX and Experimental Theater Board (ETB).
  • Evans Hall
    Owen lives in Evans Hall.
  • Owen's favorite places include Gould Library and Sayles Hill Campus Center.
  • Q: What impresses you the most about Carleton students?
    A: It just seems like every day, you find out something new about the people around you. They will constantly surprise you with so much interesting stuff -- whether it’s what they’re doing, what they’ve done or the places they’ve been.
  • Q: Why did you choose Carleton?
    A: It was an adventure. I wanted to get away. I came out for accepted student days and something clicked. Maybe it was the first time in a rural setting for me, but it just felt like a great place to think. And I loved it.
  • Q: How would you describe academic life at Carleton?
    A: It was a bit of a shock. I came from a high school of about 3,000 kids, 35 kids in a class. I came into my freshman (Argument and Inquiry seminar) and there’s 8 to 12 people! It was so amazing to have access to this professor … which was kind of intimidating but really encouraging. I’ve come to appreciate just how open to communication Carleton professors are. Compared to teachers in high school, it’s another world, another realm of exploring ideas.
  • Q: Any advice for high school students on their college search?
    A: When I was going through the application process, I was looking for stuff that has no relevance to my life now. I would really try to picture yourself on campus. Not in an academic setting, because you’re probably applying to a group of schools that are Tier A, Tier B and offer the same kind of rigor. Instead, imagine yourself in your dorm room. Look out the window. Are you happy where you are?
  • Q: How would you describe campus life at Carleton?
    A: I’m a really introverted person, but what Carleton has done for me is give me an opportunity to get to know myself a lot better. In doing so, it has given me the ability to start (friendships) when I wouldn’t have started them before.
  • Q: Which Carleton classes have been your favorites? Why?
    A: Arabic here has been phenomenal. It’s one of those things, like acting, that I just kind of picked up. “This seems kind of applicable,” you know? I've kept up with it ever since. The professors and language programs are great here. I’ve heard from other people in other languages that they’re so engaged and so much more thoughtful than at classes in bigger settings and bigger universities.
  • Q: What other schools did you seriously consider?
    A: Rice. Tufts.
  • Q: What surprised you about Carleton?
    A: Writing papers for my political philosophy class … it was something that proved really interesting with the whole liberal arts curriculum. With every new class you take, you have to learn to write in that specific way, tailoring what you know about writing to the format that you need to have for that class. I had never written about philosophical ideas before … it was really difficult but really rewarding to communicate that way in a paper.
  • Q: "You know you’re at Carleton when..."
    A: You should be thinking about the three essays you should write, but you can’t because you can’t feel your nose.
Owen Solis '17

Owen Solis '17

Owen’s Places

  • Evans Hall

    Owen lives in Evans Hall

    Completed in 1927, Margaret Evans Hall is a four-story dormitory on the east side of campus. Unlike the rest of the residence halls on campus, it is organized by columns rather than floors. Evans is reserved for sophomores and older students, and it is home to The Cave, Carleton's student-run music venue.

    44.4607009887695 -93.1495971679688

  • Gould Library

    Owen likes Gould Library

    The library (the Libe) is a great place to study, use a computer lab, or stretch out on one of the comfy couches. Oh, and you can also check out one of 500,000 books, 1,458 print journals, 13,045 electronic journals, or 400,000 U.S. government publications. Plus, our librarians are super heroes.

    44.462100982666 -93.1544036865234

  • Sayles-Hill Campus Center

    Owen likes Sayles Hill Campus Center

    Sayles is the heart of student life on campus. It contains the post office, career center, bookstore, and the snack bar, a good place to grab a sandwich. Many Carleton social events take place in the Great Space just outside of the snack bar.

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