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Kifaya Taha '17

  • St. Paul, MN
  • Nourse Hall
    Kifaya lives in Nourse Hall.
  • Kifaya's favorite places include Sayles Hill Campus Center and Career Center.
  • Kifaya's favorite courses include HIST 100 - American Antebellum Slavery: History and Historians and POSC 120 - Comparative Political Regimes.
  • Q: How would you describe campus life at Carleton?
    A: I really value the discussions we have here. There are so many different perspectives from students. I remember sitting in on a class for the first time, and I loved how the teacher wasn't too much about, “Hey, let’s talk about this.” Instead, he sort of sat back and let the students take over. I’ve experienced the same thing while here. The academics are pretty rigorous. They take up a lot of your time. But you’re also surrounded by people who really value a liberal arts education. Everyone is very open and not afraid to ask questions. We all take things in very well. For instance, if I were to talk about my Ethiopian culture -- my Oromo background, to be more specific -- people wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. They wouldn’t be afraid to ask me about it.
  • Q: What kind of student fits in well at Carleton?
    A: The student that will thrive here is someone who isn’t afraid to go against the grain, who likes to venture outside the status quo. People on campus aren’t afraid to do what they love. You don’t have to fit a mold here. Being an individual and being strong-minded is embraced.
  • Q: Is it hard to afford a private college like Carleton?
    A: Financial aid was a really big factor. I come from a low-income household. My parents are immigrants from Ethiopia, been here a little over 20 years now. I couldn’t afford other colleges, so I’m really glad that Carleton can (give aid) to students who can’t afford it but value a liberal arts college education.
  • Q: What surprised you about Carleton?
    A: Coming here, you might think that Carleton lacks diversity in numbers. But what I’ve found is that there’s much more to diversity than ethnicity and race. It’s also socioeconomic background. It’s the state you’re from, your gender, your sexuality. I’ve never found it that hard to find a place where I fit in here. You don’t have to search far for a place or group to fit in.
  • Q: Did you visit Carleton before applying?
    A: I had a great prospie experience. I stayed for two days and my host was so nice. It’s just a feeling you get. You feel like you belong. I definitely felt warmth from sitting in a class. Plus, it was a small class, and I like that about a liberal arts college. We’re a community here. It’s very warm, homey and comfortable. I remember that I got lost once while trying to find a building. I must have looked confused, and somebody came up to me and asked, “Do you need help?” Little things like that. People here are very open, very nice.
  • Q: How would you describe academic life at Carleton?
    A: I’m the kind of student who wants a little more attention from professors. I value that relationship. It’s why I feel comfortable in class. I know I can go to see them during office hours. They’ll know my name, tell me how I’m doing. I can also ask as many questions as I want. That relationship exists here.
  • Q: What other schools did you seriously consider?
    A: Wellesley, Macalester and Pomona.
Kifaya Taha '17

Kifaya Taha '17

Kifaya’s Places

  • Nourse Hall

    Kifaya lives in Nourse Hall

    Nourse is a beautiful old residence hall located on the East Side of campus, near the Language and Dining Center. Fourth Nourse, which is reserved for women, is the only non-co-ed floor on campus.

    44.4606323242188 -93.1518402099609

  • Sayles-Hill Campus Center

    Kifaya likes Sayles Hill Campus Center

    Sayles is the heart of student life on campus. It contains the post office, career center, bookstore, and the snack bar, a good place to grab a sandwich. Many Carleton social events take place in the Great Space just outside of the snack bar.

    44.4613913449469 -93.1560909748077

  • Kifaya likes Career Center

    The mission of the Carleton Career Center is to empower students and recent graduates to integrate and apply their liberal arts education toward succeeding in their career paths and living a meaningful life after Carleton.

    44.4613060926059 -93.1561524874996