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How would you describe academic life at Carleton?

  • Kifaya Taha '17
    I’m the kind of student who wants a little more attention from professors. I value that relationship. It’s why I feel comfortable in class. I know I can go to see them during office hours. They’ll know my name, tell me how I’m doing. I can also ask as many questions as I want. That relationship exists here.
  • Todd Campbell Jr. '16
    Academic life is very rigorous. I mean, academics here pulled me out of my comfort zone. My high school didn't quite prepare me for Carleton, so I came in thinking that I had to run three times faster than my peers. I was running as soon as I got here. But there's also a support system here that I've taken advantage of, and it's helped a lot -- whether it's the math center or the writing center, going to the Dean and talking. There are so many options and such a closeness that you can develop with people here. Even the professors, you know, they have office hours where you can just stop by and chat, or they'll even invite you to their home for dinner. And those relationships pour over into class and allow learning to be a lot easier, a lot more fun.
  • Owen Solis '17
    It was a bit of a shock. I came from a high school of about 3,000 kids, 35 kids in a class. I came into my freshman (Argument and Inquiry seminar) and there’s 8 to 12 people! It was so amazing to have access to this professor … which was kind of intimidating but really encouraging. I’ve come to appreciate just how open to communication Carleton professors are. Compared to teachers in high school, it’s another world, another realm of exploring ideas.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    Intense, fast, and fulfilling. The school does a great job helping people blow off steam, whether that is through petting puppies or having a silent dance party during finals week, or bringing giant bouncy houses indoors for us to play in during the dead of winter.
  • Nate Livingston '16
    Compared to my high school, and from what I hear from friends about their (colleges), there’s a really unique non-competitiveness within the academic environment. People aren’t sitting around trying to one-up one another. I saw a lot of that in high school. Mine was one of the last classes to have class rank, and there are GPA adjustments you can get by taking more AP courses, stuff like that. Everyone was just trying to game the system. It was less about personal growth as a learner, whereas here, it’s so much about growing within your field as a lifelong learner.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    Academic life here changes term-by-term. It is key to have a balanced schedule and to explore all of Carleton's fabulous departments. Students here do care about grades, but I think there is a positive culture here that values learning more.