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How would you describe campus life at Carleton?

  • Sam Chao '16
    Life at Carleton is fast-paced. Part of it is the ten-week terms and part of it is the need--for me, at least--to experience everything and anything. It's not that you won't have any free time at Carleton. You'll just have plenty of options of what you can fill your free time with.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    Life at Carleton: Like a long term sleepover with your best friends, always adventures to be had, academically, socially, personally.
  • Owen Solis '17
    I’m a really introverted person, but what Carleton has done for me is give me an opportunity to get to know myself a lot better. In doing so, it has given me the ability to start (friendships) when I wouldn’t have started them before.
  • Kifaya Taha '17
    I really value the discussions we have here. There are so many different perspectives from students. I remember sitting in on a class for the first time, and I loved how the teacher wasn't too much about, “Hey, let’s talk about this.” Instead, he sort of sat back and let the students take over. I’ve experienced the same thing while here. The academics are pretty rigorous. They take up a lot of your time. But you’re also surrounded by people who really value a liberal arts education. Everyone is very open and not afraid to ask questions. We all take things in very well. For instance, if I were to talk about my Ethiopian culture -- my Oromo background, to be more specific -- people wouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. They wouldn’t be afraid to ask me about it.
  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter:
    Life outside the classroom is as important as life inside it. Students find the three other people in the world who like the same music they do; they learn to bake; they test their limits; they discover snow. Oh, and they do a LOT of homework.
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