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How would you describe campus life at Carleton?

  • Ben Bedore '13
    Everything ebbs and flows at Carleton. Work, exams, weekend activities: sometimes they all come at once, and sometimes things are more quiet around here. But regardless of how much work you have or how full your social calendar is, life at Carleton is always driven by individual interests and passions.
    Tags: Balance
  • Sam Chao '16
    Life at Carleton is fast-paced. Part of it is the ten-week terms and part of it is the need--for me, at least--to experience everything and anything. It's not that you won't have any free time at Carleton. You'll just have plenty of options of what you can fill your free time with.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    Life at Carleton: Like a long term sleepover with your best friends, always adventures to be had, academically, socially, personally.
  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter:
    Life outside the classroom is as important as life inside it. Students find the three other people in the world who like the same music they do; they learn to bake; they test their limits; they discover snow. Oh, and they do a LOT of homework.
    Tags: Balance
  • Marlena Hartman-Filson '13
    Life at Carleton is busy busy busy! I have come to understand that a unique characteristic of the Carleton life is perpetually wishing for a few more hours in a day. It's a constant balancing act of classes, work, friends, athletics, extracurriculars and adventure.
    Tags: Balance
  • Sara Hooker '13
    Carleton is a small rural school, but it is strong because of this and not despite it. Life here is about meeting smart people who don't have egos, in an environment where you feel you can really say what you believe in, or explore things you never thought you would.
  • Anna Chance '15
    Life is SO BUSY but also SO MUCH FUN. Every day is different, and everyone is always doing something amazing and quirky and interesting. If you are good at balancing sleep/friends/work, you are in a great environment. At Carleton you will work hard but you will also have time to do what YOU want.
  • Kelsey Parsons '13
    Life at Carleton is filled with options and opportunities. No matter what your interests, there are groups, clubs, or events for you on campus. Students can get involved in politics, sports, social activism, radio broadcasting, you name it. People tend to be pretty busy, but definitely in a good way.