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What are your interests & hobbies?

  • Ben Bedore '13
    Last summer I learned how to keep bees; I'd like to get better at that. I also like to grow a vegetable garden each summer.
  • Kelsey Parsons '13
    I absolutely love sports and exercise, so I'm outside quite a bit. When it's warm out, I play a lot of Frisbee and football. In the winter, I really enjoy cross-country skiing. I am also a die-hard Twins fan, so I spend a lot of time watching their games in the spring. I am also interested in art, specifically ceramics, and I enjoy reading about new artists and viewing their work.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    I play Frisbee pretty casually, salsa dance, do performance slam poetry, do tae kwon do and boxing, and love puzzles and games. I also love learning languages, and speak French and Spanish and little bits of Hindi and Portuguese.