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Where have you lived on campus?

  • Anna Chance '15
    Freshman year in Watson, I received a package in the mail that had a lot of packing peanuts in it. I put it into recycling, but then—I walk out into the lounge and I find that my packing peanuts have been converted into SAND for a makeshift BEACH! There were towels scattered on the floor for "sunbathing" and residents had set up a small makeshift volleyball net. All players were wearing some form of swim gear and the 'volleyball' was a stuffed pineapple. There was even an "ocean" that people could dip their feet into, and cut-out pictures of waves taped to the windows! I suppose this just goes to show that Carls are pretty creative, spontaneous, fun-loving, and..a a little quirky. A Minnesota winter is not going to stop us from having a beach party!