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Why did you choose Carleton?

  • Nate Livingston '16
    Carleton kind of fell in my lap. I had a good friend from high school -- a soccer teammate in my grade and on the team here with me -- and he had another friend who I had gone to elementary school with who was also considering Carleton. So, he kind of convinced me to come up on a visit. I spent some time with the soccer team, did an overnight, and of all the other teams I had seen, there wasn’t a more cohesive group as committed to both their academics and athletics. After that, I left feeling really sad and knew I wanted to come back at some point. So when the time came, I applied for early decision.
  • Acer Pahukoa '17
    My high school counselors required us to attend five presentations for different colleges, and my school brought in some reps, mostly along the west coast. But some Midwest and east coast schools, too. My plan was always to get as far away from Hawaii as possible, just to experience something else. I met Carleton's head of financial aid at a presentation. No one else attended, so we just sat and talked for about an hour. And I loved what he told me about the opportunity I would get as a student athlete, especially at an institution that really stressed academics.
  • Sam Chao '16
    I was looking for a small school where I would feel challenged but not pressured academically. I was also looking for a school that would let me pursue all of my interests - a double major, varsity sports, and theater - to the fullest. I visited Carleton, and after getting a taste of Minnesota nice and the scent of Malt-o-Meal in the air, I knew Carleton would be a good fit for me.
  • Owen Solis '17
    It was an adventure. I wanted to get away. I came out for accepted student days and something clicked. Maybe it was the first time in a rural setting for me, but it just felt like a great place to think. And I loved it.
  • Todd Campbell Jr. '16
    I'm a Posse scholar, here on a full-tuition scholarship. It was originally between Carleton and Wheaton College, which are two very different campuses. For me, it was more of a faith thing. I felt like God was calling me to Carleton. That this was the place I needed to be. Ever since then, I've grown a lot and done a lot at Carleton that I wouldn't have been able to do anywhere else.
  • Marielle Foster '16
    Carleton hits the beautiful balance between intense learning and spontaneous, eclectic fun that creates a very positive, supportive and respectful community.
  • Emily Balczewski '16
    I wanted a school that would challenge me both inside and outside of the classroom and then offer support to allow me to grow academically and personally from these challenging experiences. Small classes, intimate professor relationships, and a kind and diverse student body are key to achieving this, and Carleton has all three!