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Mathematics embodies the spirit of the liberal arts—it is an art, a pure science, a language, an analytical tool, a means of exploring philosophical questions, and an expression of human creativity. Students study math in the modern Center for Mathematics and Computing, equipped with Intel-based PCs that boot both Linux and Windows, and offer Mathematica, S-Plus, and SPSS. The department complements its courses with colloquiums, independent study opportunities, and problem-solving groups. Carleton participates in several national and local mathematics competitions, and students have the opportunity to do mathematics research, which is rare at the undergraduate level.

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For more information, see the Mathematics and Statistics department site.

  • CMC

    Mathematics and Statistics is housed in The CMC (Center for Math & Computing)

    The CMC is home to the math and computer science departments at Carleton, as well as extra computer labs. Students can go to the Math Skills Center for tutoring or just to ask a question about a particularly pesky partial differential. The floor in the first floor lobby is made out of Penrose Tiles, which are made of a limited number of shapes but never repeat the same pattern twice.

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  • The CMC

    Mathematics and Statistics is housed in Center for Math & Computing

    Carleton students choose a major near the end of their sophomore year, either from one of the subjects listed below or by creating a special major. Students may also pursue a minor.