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The department provides a systematic approach to the study of behavior and experience. Students examine processes of physiological functioning, human and animal learning, human and animal cognition, cognitive and social development, personality, social influence, and psychopathology. Students develop analytic and expressive skills through fieldwork, research, laboratory, and teaching experiences. Qualified students participate in research internships at Carleton and at other laboratories.

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For more information, see the Psychology department site.

  • Olin Hall

    Psychology is housed in Olin Hall

    In Olin Hall you'll find the Psychology, Physics and Astronomy departments as well as science classrooms and labs.

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  • Carleton buildings

    Psychology is housed in Olin Hall

    Carleton students choose a major near the end of their sophomore year, either from one of the subjects listed below or by creating a special major. Students may also pursue a minor.