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Academic Support

You don't go it alone at Carleton. If you're struggling academically, or just need a few pointers, the support you need is all around:

Academic Support Center

Guides and helps all Carleton students in their pursuit of academic excellence. ACS programs include:

  • Academic skills coaching in time management, study skills, and test preparation
  • One-on-one academic tutoring in specific subjects
  • Math Skills Center offering drop-in and one-on-one tutoring for students at all levels
  • Writing Center offering free, individual conferences during which writers may discuss their writing with a trained student consultant
  • Second-language writing support for non-native English speakers
  • Speakasy Center for coaching on speaking & presenting

Learn more about the Academic Support Center.

Reference Librarians

The reference librarians are available for individual research questions including topic exploration, problems with databases, and strategies for finding resources.

Language Center

The Language Center offers a wide variety of resources to aid in your language education, including language software, foreign language recordings, and expert help from Language Associates.

The IdeaLab

Get expert help or or equipment to create and edit images, video, audio and multimedia.

The Career Center

Figure out how to channel your academic interests into a meaningful career after commencement.

Center for Community and Civic Engagement

Through CCCE, find ways to take what you're learning in the classroom and apply it to the world.

  • Emily Balczewski '16
    I wanted a school that would challenge me both inside and outside of the classroom and then offer support to allow me to grow academically and personally from these challenging experiences. Small classes, intimate professor relationships, and a kind and diverse student body are key to achieving this, and Carleton has all three!
Writing Center

Perfecting your prose? Help is at hand at the Writing Center.