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Liberal Arts Education

Carleton College is committed to providing a true liberal arts education, a curriculum that challenges our students to learn broadly, think deeply, and cross the barriers between traditional academic disciplines. Instead of training for one narrow career path, Carleton students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in any walk of life.

The most important thing our students learn is how to learn for a lifetime. Critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, effective communication: these are the tools that transform a collection of facts and figures into a way of understanding the world.

  • George Shuffelton
    George Shuffelton (faculty) says:
    I chose to work at Carleton because I strongly believe in a liberal arts education. I wanted to work at a place where the entire institution shared the same priorities. Learning is the most important thing we do here; everything else is a distant second.
  • Neysa Jensen '84 says:
    Carleton taught me to think more broadly and critically about my world, my place in it, and my responsibilities to it.
  • Margi Youmans '06 says:
    Carleton opened my eyes to entirely new areas, like Latino studies and anthropology. The beauty of a liberal arts education is that it gives you permission to experiment and explore. I ended up in a field I loved.