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Life After Carleton

Your Carleton education doesn't end at graduation. In fact, we have a saying: "You are part of Carleton, and Carleton is a part of you." That means that once you leave this place (and while you're still here), Carls all over the world are willing to lend a hand: They'll host you in their homes, provide you with career advice and connections, or simply engage you in intellectually stimulating conversations.

Though Carls vary in their interests, they share a common bond of having spent four years at Carleton preparing to lead rewarding lives as leaders in the sciences, business, government, education, and the arts. And most maintain strong ties to Carleton, and each other, throughout their lives.

  • Scott Carpenter
    Scott Carpenter (faculty) says:
    I chose Carleton for the thrill of working with exciting colleagues on the most ambitious project of all: training the next generation of leaders in all walks of life. (Goodness knows we're going to need them!)
  • Neysa Jensen '84 says:
    Carleton taught me to think more broadly and critically about my world, my place in it, and my responsibilities to it.
  • Leah Golden '86 says:
    The place where I learned how to learn. My Carleton education has allowed me pathways to whatever direction I care to go.
  • Emily Muirhead McAdam '08 says:
    The people I met (and continue to meet) through Carleton have taught me that there are a million different paths you can take in life, and you can find happiness and a sense of fulfillment going down any number of them, so long you continue to challenge yourself and remain open to change.
  • Cassie Funke-Harris '05 says:
    Carleton taught me how to learn, how to question the ways of the world, and how to laugh at myself.
  • Tricia England '08 says:
    I credit Carleton with helping me to cultivate a self in which I enjoy living.
  • Laura Glander '84 says:
    Carleton taught me to try new things in a supportive environment. My Carleton education shaped me for life - the many jobs I've had (including parenthood) and for the many adventures I've undertaken.
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  • Jane Cobler '98 says:
    Who you know matters (and Carleton grads love to help). You'll always be proud to say you went there.
  • Margi Youmans '06 says:
    Carleton opened my eyes to entirely new areas, like Latino studies and anthropology. The beauty of a liberal arts education is that it gives you permission to experiment and explore. I ended up in a field I loved.
  • Stacey Pelika '96 says:
    Because of Carleton I know that I'll always be part of a community of people who work to understand and improve the world but don't take themselves too seriously while doing it. ‎(And that Carleton people are so drawn to the same types of communities that you may well find yourself unintentionally - but happily! - living in an apartment building in which four tenants all lived in the same dorm almost 20 years ago!)
  • Kimberly Jehle '03 says:
    Carleton opened the lens through which I view the world, provided me tools critical to making a difference in it, and introduced me to amazing friends with whom I get to share it all with!
Proud grads look to their future.
Proud grads look to their future.