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Spiritual Life


The Carleton community welcomes students of all beliefs to share in weekly worship services and special religious holiday celebrations representing a variety of faiths. We also sponsor discussion, meditation, and prayer groups, social events, service projects, lectures, and interfaith dialogue.

Student religious groups on campus include:

  • Bahá’i
  • Buddhist
  • Canterbury Fellowship (Episcopalian)
  • Carleton Catholic Student Association
  • Christian Bible Study
  • Consuming Fire (Christian)
  • Druid
  • Fellowship in Christ Leader Panel
  • Fellowship in Christ Men’s and Women’s Bible Study
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • Freshman Fondue Fridays(Christian)
  • Hindu
  • His In Service (HIS) (Christian)
  • Interfaith Social Action
  • Jewish Students at Carleton
  • Latter-day Saints
  • Let Love Grow (Christian)
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Mustard Seed (Christian Praise Band)
  • Orthodox Christian
  • Quaker
  • Spiritual Sophomore Snacks (Christian)
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • Festival of lights
    Festival of lights


    Hettie Stern '17
  • Traditional Aztec dance
    Traditional Aztec dance


    Hettie Stern '17
  • Folk dance
    Folk dance


    Hettie Stern '17
  • Chapel at sunset

    Chapel at sunset

    I was waiting to see the meteor shower on the balcony of 7th Watson when I captured this moment.


    Ruisu (Rose) Chen '15


  • Hi Galaxy!

    Hi Galaxy!

    Night life with bonfire and gorgeous galaxy!


    Jialun "Julian" Luo '16


  • Welcome back spring

    Welcome back spring

    Eventually, Spring!


    Jialun Luo '16


  • View from Watson Balcony after Rainstorm

    View from Watson Balcony after Rainstorm

    Taken from a balcony in Watson after a rainstorm last Spring.


    Ned Heckman '13
  • Early Yet in Spring

    Early Yet in Spring

    When it's cold outside it's hard to appreciate the beauty of the snow-covered campus. When it's warm, as it was early in this spring term (2011), the snow was a reminder of how beautiful the campus is at all times of the year.


    Kate Madison '11
  • Japanese Garden

    Japanese Garden

    Carleton's Japanese Garden, an oasis of serenity.


    Jaye Lawrence
  • The Druid Circle
    The Druid Circle, photographed by Beth Dow for the 2002 Vantage Points photo exhibit.