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Student Organizations

The Moustache Club. The Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. The Honking Knights. The Uninvited Company. What can we say? You put a couple thousand smart people together, they get creative.

If you can’t find something appealing in one of the 171 (and counting) student organizations at Carleton, you're welcome to invent your own.


  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
  • Astronomy Club
  • Carleton Academic Quiz Team website
  • Carleton College American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)
  • Carleton Developers Exchange (DevX)
  • Carleton Forensics Society (Debate Team) website
  • Carleton Pre-Health Association (CPA) website
  • Dialogue on Education at Carleton (Dialogue) website
  • Engineers Without Borders - Carleton College (EWB-CC) website
  • International Relations Council (IRC) website
  • Minority Student Pre-Law Association (MSPLA)
  • Mock Trial
  • Russian Club
  • TED@Carleton website
  • Women in Economics (WE)
  • Women in Math and Science (WhIMS)

Arts & Entertainment


Media & Publications


Politics, Advocacy & Activism

  • Mental Health Awareness Collective (MHAC)
  • A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition (STAND)
  • AIDS/HIV Awareness (AHA!) website
  • The American Civil Liberties Union of Carleton (Carleton ACLU) website
  • Amnesty International (Amnesty)
  • Animal Rights Coalition (ARC)
  • Campus Advocates Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CAASHA) website
  • Campus Alliance Against Gun Violence (CAAGV)
  • Carleton College Republicans (CCR)
  • Carleton Democrats (Carl Dems) website
  • Carleton Gun Club (SRBA) website
  • Carleton In and Out (CIaO) website
  • Carleton Political Activism Cooperative (CarlPAC)
  • Carleton Take Back the Tap (TBTT)
  • Carleton's Organized Radicals and Leftists (CORAL)
  • Collective for Women's Issues (CWI) website
  • Compassionate and Sustainable Consuming (CSC)
  • East Asia Study Group website
  • Engineers Without Borders - Carleton College (EWB-CC) website
  • Food Truth website
  • Free the Slaves Carleton College Chapter website
  • Green House
  • Interfaith Social Action (IFSA) website
  • International Relations Council (IRC) website
  • J Street U Carleton
  • Kids for Conservation (KFC) website
  • Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP) website
  • Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) website
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws: Carleton Chapter (NORML Carleton)
  • Pro-Choice MN at Carleton (PCMN) website
  • Reproductive Justice Collective website
  • Sexuality and Gender Activism (SaGA) website
  • Somali Famine Relief
  • Student Alliance for Veterans and Soldiers (SAVS) website
  • Student Organization for the Protection of the Environment (SOPE) website
  • Students Advocating Informed Decisions (SAID) website
  • Students for Education Reform (SFER) website
  • Team Tibet website
  • UpRoot
  • Vegan Baking Club (VBC)
  • Wellstone House of Activism (WHOA) website

Religion & Spirituality

  • Canterbury Episcopal Students website
  • Carleton Bible Study Fellowship (CBSF)
  • Carleton Buddhist Sangha (CBS)
  • Carleton Catholic Student Association (CCSA) website
  • Fellowship in Christ (FC) website
  • Interfaith Social Action (IFSA) website
  • Jewish Students of Carleton (JSC) website
  • Muslim Students Association (MSA)
  • Mustard Seed
  • Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA) website
  • Seeking...
  • Unitarian Universalists (UUs)

Sports & Recreation

  • Boxing Club (BC)
  • Capoeira Club
  • CANOE members canoeingCarleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE) website
  • Carleton Bouldering Club (CBC)
  • Carleton Bowling Club (CBC)
  • Carleton Cheerleading Coalition (CCC)
  • Carleton College Bridge Club
  • Carleton College Chess Club (CCCC) website
  • Carleton College Cricket Club
  • Carleton Competitive Ballroom and Latin Dance Team website
  • Carleton Crew (CC)
  • Carleton Figure Skating Club (CFSC)
  • Carleton Fisheries Association (CFA) website
  • Carleton Folkdancers
  • Carleton Gymnastics Club website
  • Carleton Inland Sailing Club website
  • Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. (FISH) website
  • Carleton Lawn Sports Society
  • Carleton Magic:The Gathering Club (CMTG)
  • Carleton Martial Arts Club (CMAC)
  • Carleton Parkour (CPK) website
  • Carleton Poker Club
  • Carleton Rugcutters (Rugcutters) website
  • Carleton Squash Club
  • Carleton Table Tennis Club website
  • Carleton Ultimate Team (CUT) website
  • The Carleton Wiffle Ball Society (CWS)
  • Club Tennis
  • Cycling Club website
  • The DL
  • Eclipse
  • The Gender Neutral Cheerboys (Cheerboys) website
  • Gods of Plastic (GOP) website
  • Hot Karls
  • Men's Club Soccer (CFC) website
  • Nova
  • Pick Up Sports Club (PUSC)
  • Pool Club
  • RC Aircraft Club (RCAC) website
  • Social Dance Club (SDC)
  • Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)
  • Syzygy website
  • Water Polo website
  • Western Archery Club
  • Whoa! Hip-Hop Dance Company (Whoa!)
  • Women's Soccer website


  • Acting in the Community Together (ACT)
  • Animal Rights Coalition (ARC)
  • Astronomy Club
  • Carleton College Medical Brigades (CCMB)
  • Carleton Emergency Medical Technicians (CEMTs)
  • Carleton Random Acts of Kindness Club (CRAKC)
  • Compassionate and Sustainable Consuming (CSC)
  • Engineers Without Borders - Carleton College (EWB-CC) website
  • Habitat for Humanity (HFH)
  • Kids for Conservation (KFC) website
  • Kookies for Kiva
  • Mali Health Organizing Project (MHOP) website
  • Mortar Board website
  • Pennies for Peace
  • Pro-Choice MN at Carleton (PCMN) website
  • Project Friendship (PF)
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Members of the Schiller Society working for admissions during the summerSchiller Society website
  • Student Alumni Relations Group
  • Marlena Hartman-Filson '13
    Which student organizations have you joined? Marlena Hartman-Filson '13 says:
    Adopt-a-Grandparent, Special Olympics, CANOE, Alpine Ski Club, Carleton Democrats.
  • Marty Baylor
    Marty Baylor (faculty) says:
    Campus life is crazy! Everyone is busy. Everyone is involved in something or more likely multiple things they are passionate about.
  • Susan Jaret-McKinstry
    Susan Jaret-McKinstry (faculty) says:
    Campus life is rich and layered, like an ideal dessert. There are activities with every level of commitment, both College-run and student-organized, available to anyone on campus who wants to participate, and these often create some of the strongest bonds and memories.
  • Sara Hooker '13
    Which student organizations have you joined? Sara Hooker '13 says:
    Outside of classes, I am involved in the Microfinance Club, Model United Nations,a radio show called Holly French finds Love (where we interview eligible bachelors to find love for our friend Holly) and the International Festival.
  • Kelsey Parsons '13
    Life at Carleton is filled with options and opportunities. No matter what your interests, there are groups, clubs, or events for you on campus. Students can get involved in politics, sports, social activism, radio broadcasting, you name it. People tend to be pretty busy, but definitely in a good way.