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Transfer Students

  • Johnson House
    Do I still get as much financial aid if I am a transfer student? The Admissions Office says:
    Carleton's financial aid is primarily need-based. This means that we try to meet 100% of demonstrated need for every student, regardless of entry status. Financial aid is recalculated each year and is based on a family's current financial status (as shown on FAFSA and CSS Profile forms). Your demonstrated capacity to contribute is the only factor used to determine how much and what kind of aid you will receive.
  • Johnson House
    The Admissions Office says:

    Carleton accepts a number of transfer students for each fall term (we do not do rolling admissions). Transfer applications can be done through the Common Application and they differ only slightly from those of prospective freshman. These differences are:

    • Your personal essay should provide some insight into why you are looking to transfer and why Carleton is a good match for you.
    • Your recommendations should be recent. If you have only completed 1 semester of college, it is reasonable to include two high school recommenders. If, however, you have completed more than one year, we advise that at least one recommendation be from a recent professor.
    • You should include both high school and college transcripts.

    Students wishing to apply for the fall term should submit applications prior to March 31, and will be notified of the Admissions Committee's decision before May 15. All transfer applicants are expected to submit results from the College Board's SAT I or the American College Test. To qualify for the Carleton degree, students must spend at least two years in residence including the senior year.

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