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Taste of Carleton: Student Profiles

Malia Molina

Malia Molina '18

Makawao, HI
Taste of Carleton 2013

“The TOC program was insanely awesome. The only thing I would’ve wanted was more time to spend there. This program changed my whole outlook on college. I was unaware that Carleton College was rated #1 in the nation for undergraduate teaching. When I heard about this, I was astonished. Knowing that I’d be able to receive an exceptional, quality education at a beautiful institution with the friendliest people I’ve ever met made me realize that I belong at Carleton.”

Maxamiliano Burgess

Maxamiliano Burgess '18

Houston, TX
Taste of Carleton 2013

"When I first arrived, I couldn't help but feel like an outcast. After all, these were college students in their natural environment. I was just a prospie. However, after only about ten minutes, I felt as if I were among friends. I was among strangers, but I felt right at home. Carleton students close gaps, build bridges, and form friendships that will last the rest of their lives."

Amirah Ellison

Amirah Ellison '18

Minneapolis, MN
Taste of Carleton 2013

“I had an amazing experience through TOC. Carleton has a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters curiosity and creativity. Instead of encouraging cut-throat competition between students, the environment is open and encouraging. Years from now, I envision myself approaching graduation, well prepared because of the environment that has fostered my learning and creativity. I am confident that I will easily find my niche, and that with Carleton behind me, I can make a difference in the world.”

Maurice Hicks

Maurice Hicks '18

Upper Marlboro, MD
Taste of Carleton 2013

“I had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand the life of a Carl during my visit as a TOC prospective student. I enjoyed every minute of it! The classes I attended were taught by professors who were engaging, and the small class sizes allowed for more interpersonal communication. I also enjoyed just hanging out with Carleton students, from the Lenny Dee performance, to a Halloween party, to playing pool in Sayles (which has amazing food). I feel more than content making Carleton my home for the next four years.”