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Class of 1963 50th Reunion Giving


Dear 1963 Classmates,

From our matriculation at Carleton in September, 1959, onward, we have been a “class by itself,” known for individuality, creativity, and wit—and of course, high intelligence and achievement. Among us are convocation speakers and three Carleton honorary degree recipients.

So let us all, as many as possible, come together to celebrate our 50th Reunion on June 20-23, 2013. Come to share stories, memories, and adventures. Come back to Carleton, tour and be awed by the Weitz Center for Creativity and the changes to the campus. See and walk around a different Northfield. Being together—whatever the activity—is our most important goal. Please mark your calendars now!

The 50th Reunion also provides us with a great opportunity to give back to Carleton, to show an appreciation for the huge impact those years had on our lives. At our 25th Reunion we funded the Class of 1963 Student Research Stipend—this time we invite you to remember Carleton with a gift again. Because gifts have been accumulating since our 45th Reunion, our class gift already stands at more than $8.5 million—a remarkable indication of how we value our Carleton experience. It is the hope of the Gift Committee to increase that figure mightily.

Our gifts can be tailor-made to suit our means, our individuality, and our wishes. We may contribute in diverse ways, and EVERY kind of gift counts. Please read over the information on this site for some details. Members of the Gift Committee will be in touch by e-mail and telephone in the coming months, to encourage your presence with us, and also to explain gift options and ideas. Carleton 50th Reunion staff is available too to answer all questions. Our contact is Lynne Wilmot, (866) 208-3889.

Come, Connect and Celebrate!


Your 50th Reunion Gift Committee Co-Chairs:

Marcia Miller Almquist
John Cairns
Bob Seddig