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Thanks for your interest in the AAR program. Please complete this form if you are

  1. An alum joining or rejoining the program. You may join any time of year.
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  3. A current AAR retiring from the program for now.

Please note: This form refers to the upcoming admissions cycle, which is July – June. To change your status for the current cycle or for any questions, please contact aar@carleton.edu.

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Team Leadership

Are you interested in being a Team Leader? Team leaders guide the efforts of the AARs in their region, motivate them and recognize their work*


In the next admissions cycle, I would like to participate in the following activities as an AAR (check all that apply):

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School Assignment Request

This section is ONLY for AARs signed up to contact prospectives or visit schools.

You may request a certain high school assignment/or your alma mater. We will honor requests where possible.

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