Orca Attack

Participants in the Antarctica Alumni Adventure were privileged to witness the rare sight of orcas hunting a seal among the ice pack. The whales spotted a seal on an ice floe and then teamed up to tip the floe over and knocked the seal into the water. This evening was apparently a training session for the young orcas, as the whales returned the seal to the floe to try again. Sadly, the seal did not stand a chance against the orcas and was eventually caught and eaten by the whale pod.

This exclusive footage was shot on late Sunday evening, January 15, 2006 by Tom Merritt '66 of White Bear Lake, MN.

(To see this same incident from another perspective, view the official video taken by Lindblad Expeditions.)

  • Orca Encounter
    Created 15 January 2006; Published 15 March 2006
    Orcas Attacking a Seal
    This was the first time this behavior has been captured on video.

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