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Though the desert weather was a little cool and wet, we still had a lot of fun.

First, here are two YouTube links to great footage taken by Tom Merritt '66 of interesting encounters on the trip:

Rattleless 'rattler' encounter with naturalist Larry Hobbs on Isla Santa Catalina on Jan 14, 2007. This encounter happened up the trail almost to the summit.

Dolphin Encounter - Bette Lou Krause piloted the zodiac at Boca de Soledad on Jan 19, 2007 among what was likely a pod of about 50 dolphins, which lasted about 20 minutes. Apologies about the 5 minute length of this video.

Photos from the Carleton alumni adventure to Baja, Mexico in January 2007


Gazing at the Cacti

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Admiring the waterfront
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Gazing at the Cacti


Amy Goerwitz


Baja alumni adventure
14 January 2007