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2012 Adventures

  • Egypt

    Alumni adventure to Egypt with Rob and Teresa Oden
  • Chaco Canyon, NM

    Carleton College Mini-Adventure: Chaco Canyon – Astronomy, Archeology, and Archaeoastronomy With Joel Weisberg, Carleton Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences
  • Arctic Ice Bears

    I invite you to join fellow Carls for an unforgettable mid-summer exploration of the High Arctic.
  • Grand Canyon and Riding the Colorado River

    This 2012 Alumni adventure is similar to the 2010 adventure through the Grand Canyon led by Prof. Perry Mason and Beth Schwarzman '66. The name itself reflects the awe which this special place engenders. Carleton in the Grand Canyon will give you an opportunity to experience the canyon in an extraordinary way, with the time and opportunity to begin to get to know it.
  • Exploring the Aegean

    Spend two nights in a first-class Athens hotel and 12 nights cruising aboard the comfortable, 198-cabin Aegean Odyssey exploring the The Greek isles and west coast of Turkey.
  • CUBA From Columbus to Castro

    In partnership with the Center for the Study of Cuban Culture & Economy (CSCCE), we are pleased to offer you the finest available trip to Cuba, combining an in-depth itinerary and Cuba’s best accommodations with the leadership of both Carleton Professor Alfred Montero and Professor Joseph Scarpaci, founder and Executive Director of the CSCCE.
  • Temples & Palaces of India

    Your are invited you to join Carleton College archaeologist Nancy Wilkie and art historian Dr. Annapurna Garimella on this specially-designed trip focusing upon masterpieces of Indian architecture and art, including visits to eleven incredible World Heritage sites.
  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka, a spectacular island in the Indian Ocean, has amazing sites with immense historical and archeological significance. Join archeology professor Nancy Wilkie in an exploration of this island.