Leonard Allison

Class of 1917: Baseball and Basketball

Still recognized as one of the greatest ends in the history of Minnesota college football, Leonard "Stub" Allison is probably best known as coach of the University of California “Thunder Team” of 1937.

Also a baseball and basketball standout at Carleton, Allison was a regular at end on three undefeated Carl football teams. According to newspaper accounts of Carleton’s 7-0 victory over A.A. Stagg’s University of Chicago team in 1916, “Allison was a sensational star at end, making unbelievable catches in the midst of a host of opponents on the dead run.” He was named to the All-State football team for three consecutive years. He captained both the 1916 baseball and 1916 football teams.

Allison served in World War I in the aviation corps. After his discharge in 1919, he went to Seattle as an assistant coach under C.J. Hunt at the University of Washington. In 1921 he became head basketball and baseball coach there, and that year he took his baseball team, which had won more games in a season than any other college team up to that time, on a tour of Japan. From 1922 to 1927, Stub was head football coach and athletic director at the University of South Dakota. In 1927 he became assistant athletic director, boxing instructor, end coach and line coach at the University of Wisconsin. Four years later, he joined the staff of “Navy Bill” Ingram, football coach at California, as first assistant and backfield coach. In 1935 he succeeded Ingram as head coach. A stickler for fundamentals and a disciple of Knute Rockne, Allison coached the 1937 Bears to a 13-0 Rose Bowl victory over Alabama on New Years Day, 1938.

Allison retired from coaching in 1945.