The online venue for sharing our DREAMS is a closed group page on Facebook… Carl'66 Dreams … so our posts there will be just for us.

Facebook users go to the page and Ask to Join the group. If you are not a Facebook user, you need to create a Facebook “account” to participate. We hope you will ! Click here to see how to make a Facebook account.

WHAT? another invasion of my privacy?? (you may be thinking…) But read on just a little… Facebook (the organization), has responded to concerns about privacy and safety, and offers tools to protect you.

Now, you can lurk privately behind a wall of protection and see just the Carleton Dreams info if you like. How do I set up my account for privacy?

If you want help, send a message to brewhanna@gmail.com

—Bruce Hanna ’66
(Carl'66 Dreams Facebook group administrator)