The Class of '66 Top Ten Reasons for Attending our 40th Reunion

#10 Come to Reunion and join Leith Shackel's campaign to bring back women's hours! (from Claire Cone Robertson)

#9 Come to Reunion and discover Clarence's secret recipe for mystery meat.

#8 Come to Reunion and go to dinner without waiting for the housemother. (from Tom Merritt)

#7 Come to Reunion and receive the gift of time: 10 Days from Dean Casey Jarchow.

#6 Come to Reunion and join classmates for a gala shopping and entertainment excursion to Tiny's in downtown Northfield.

#5 Come to Reunion and take one of Mr. Kintner's tests, complete with the stuning identification section.

#4 Come to Reunion and find out whether current Carleton professors also say "as it were" a lot.

#3 Come to reunion and share Schultz Stories.

# 2 Come to Reunion and explore the Arb, to rekindle hormones or simply to enjoy what President Oden describes as one of Carleton's defining features.

#1 Come to Reunion to eagerly attend an early Saturday morning lecture, such as Ian Barbour's "Intelligent Design: A Scientific and Religious Critique."

There you have it. Get registered, have a great spring event at Carleton.

- Anne Bratton Fairbanks '66