Reunion Testimonials

More reasons to come to reunion.

Our board scores are beyond the statute of limitations.

Sayles Hill is now a cool student union

Everybody else has gained weight too.

Once a Carl, always a Carl.

The snow will be gone.

Some profs come to reunion too, and they love listening to us.

Most of us have gray hair—or none at all.

Carls still play bridge.

You’ll reconnect with old friends.

You can participate in reading a Burt Saxon play (an assisted living comedy).

You can jam with other ’69 jazz enthusiasts. (contact Sue Wegner:

Carls have a special sense of humor.

The food is locally grown, and the coffee is peace.

There are lots of close restrooms.

You’ll have stimulating conversation.

You can tour the remodeled Evans.

The water is bottled.

The track is now flat!

President Poskanzer rocks.

Schiller might appear.

You can hear high-powered experts for free.

You can share perspectives on challenging issues, like dealing with aging parents.

You can continue to work on finding yourself.

Carls who go to reunion are overwhelmingly glad they did. Here's what some of them have said:

"Sheila and I have attended several of the reunions over the years and have always enjoyed the chance to see classmates again.  I particularly enjoyed a presentation where Candace Kohl brought some meteorites she had collected in Antarctica and gave us all a chance to hold pieces of the moon and of Mars in our hands." Mitch Cumberworth   

"Come on, take a chance! How many more years do you have to travel comfortably and meet up with old friends?" Sheila Murnane Cumberworth

"Pres. Oden, Jim Pryor, and Bardwell Smith were excellent.  I wish I could have attended all the programs!" Jim  Santelli

"[My favorite parts of the weekend were the] beautiful look of the campus in wonderful weather and the many opportunities to talk with classmates."  Bob Newman.

"The Alumni Choir is one of my favorite and most enjoyable activities. . . .I love to see the college again and learn about all the new things going on there, catch up with friends, and hear the excellent faculty and alumni speakers."  Paul Isaacson

"We actually found it fun to be in the dorms again. . . .We enjoyed having interesting things to do with enough time to wander old haunts."  Susan (Retrum) Bergner.

"In 2004, on the way to reunion I almost turned the car around 20 minutes out.  That would have been a big mistake.  At reunion I discovered how much of a Carl I am.  And I discovered how much I value my classmates.  Old acquaintances became friends, and old friends became dear friends.  And now here I am, looking forward to seeing as  many of you as possible next June."  Robin Jaeckle Grawe

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