Apr 21

Cannon Valley Club Viewing of Carleton Connects with Julia Strand

Thursday, April 21st, 2016
12:00 pm / 200 Division Street
map of Cannon Valley Club Viewing of Carleton Connects with Julia Strand

Northfield, MN

The Cannon Valley Carleton Club Invites You to

Carleton Connects
“Why you’re a better listener than your smartphone: Context and visual cues in spoken word recognition"
Professor Julia Strand, Psychology

Thursday, April 21
Noon-1 pm

Understanding spoken words should be a tremendously difficult task; listeners must rapidly translate sound waves into meaningful information about speech, distinguish between perceptually similar words (did he say “forty” or “fourteen”?), adapt to speaker accent and other idiosyncrasies, parse filler words such as “like” and “um,” discriminate between the speech signal and background noise, and make sense of ambiguity (“does she mean Carleton knights or Carleton nights?”). Yet, despite these challenges, most listeners appear to understand spoken words instantly and effortlessly. Carleton professor of psychology Julia Strand will present research from her laboratory that helps shed light on the process of spoken word recognition, including how listeners make use of contextual information and visual cues (seeing the talker).

About the Speaker

Julia Strand (B.A., Tufts University; PhD., Washington University in St. Louis) teaches courses including Introduction to Psychology, the Psychology of Spoken Words, and Sensation & Perception. Her research focuses on how humans are able to turn sensory information about speech into meaningful representations. Topics of research include how cognitive abilities influence language perception, what traits of words promote easy recognition, how word recognition abilities change with age, and how visual information (seeing the talker) influences language processing.

Please RSVP to Catie Gardner '10, Assoc. Director of Alumni Relations, at to reserve your space for this live program.  Need help finding us? Directions to the program location are listed below.

Where:  200 Division Street, Lenny Dee Conference Room

Enter 200 Division through the door to the right of the old Gear Resource store. Walk straight to the end of the hall and turn right, there will be a door to a stairwell right around the corner and an elevator a little further down the hall. Take either upstairs one floor. Enter the External Relations suite through the main door on the left. The conference room is the second door once you enter.

Can't make it to a live event? Join us via webinar or watch a recorded version of the talk (posted within 48 hours) on our website at

Sponsored by Cannon Valley Carleton Club. Contact: Catherine K. Smith, Alumni Relations Office