Nov 12

Chicago Business Book Club Meeting

Carleton Business Book Club Meeting

Friday, November 12th, 2010
7:30 am / Chicago


Carleton Business Book Club

to Explore Zombie Economics

November 12


With the coming of the Halloween season, we will risk a walk through the land of Zombie economics, theories and policies proven to be historically dead, but which continue to emerge from the ground to cause mayhem, such as the recent worldwide economic meltdown.  Professor John Quiggin explores five such macabre ideas, including Efficient Markets, Trickle-down Economics, and Privatization, in an attempt to explain their origins, implementation, weaknesses, and attempts to revive them.  As Quiggin states, “If we are to understand the [current] financial crisis, and avoid the kinds of responses that set the stage for a new and even bigger crisis in a few years time, we must understand the ideas that got us to this point.”    


Carleton Business Book Club Meeting
Date: Friday, November 12, 2010
Time: 7:30 am

Place: Panera on Sherman Street in Evanston
Book for Discussion: Zombie Economics by John Quiggin
(2010: Princeton University Press)

Carleton Business Book Club Contact: Don Rawitsch, Evanston, IL

Note: We are deviating from our traditional first Friday of the month meeting date to accommodate schedule conflicts for several people.  

Be warned – don’t carry this book home in the dark or read it on October 31!!  


Carleton Business Book Club Contact:

Don Rawitsch, Evanston, IL



Sponsored by Chicago Club. Contact: Jeanne Estrem