Nov 27

London Club Imperial War Museum Event

Carleton Event: Imperial War Museum: The Ministry of Food Exhibition

Saturday, November 27th, 2010
10:30 am / London

London Carleton Club


Imperial War Museum: The Ministry of Food exhibition 

Saturday 27 November
10:30 a.m.

Is recycling new? How about growing your own food? Eating only seasonal vegetables?  The Imperial War Museum's new exhibition explores how modern environmentalism echoes wartime necessities.

Visitors can explore a wartime greenhouse, a 1940s grocer’s shop, and a typical kitchen complete with larder, gas cooker, and an ample stock of economy recipe books. Listen to advice on gardening and learn why the number of allotment holders more than doubled during the war years.

The exhibition is suitable for families, and with a group of 10 or more there's a discount (adult tickets are normally £4.95, will be £3.95 with discount).

There's more info about the exhibition at

After the exhibition we'll do food/drinks in the area.

Imperial War Museum London
Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ

Hope to see you there!

Jesse Alter '03
Becca Bartram '09
Richard Allen Greene '91
Yani Sinanoglu '67
Geoff Yu '06



Sponsored by London Carleton Club. Contact: Jeanne Estrem