May 7

Los Angeles Club Stars and Planets Event

Carleton Evening with the Stars and Planets

Saturday, May 7th, 2011
8:00 pm / Los Angeles


The Los Angeles Carleton Club

invites you to

An evening with the Stars (and Planets)

Saturday, May 7, 2011
(dark—arrive by 8 p.m.)

Get away from the lights of Los Angeles and take a peek at the real stars with the Carleton Club. Dr. Steven Edberg from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has build an observatory in the (very dark) Los Padres National Forest, and he offers us a guided tour of the firmament on the evening of May 7, 2011. June 4 will be the cloud-out date. The location is about two hours driving time from Pasadena and involves twisty mountain roads, but not off-road driving. Complete instructions will be sent to all participants. Electric power is available for those who wish to set up their own telescopes in addition to Steve’s excellent instruments. Feel free to contribute snacks/drinks/observatory donations. We will need to bring our own water for drinking and flushing, and we are limited to twenty participants.

Wear warm clothes—its cold in the mountains at night.

Directions to this event will be sent out to participants who RSVP.

Rain date is June 4, 2011.

Contact Debra Grubb ’79 with questions and reservations.  Please respond by April 22.

(Contact information has been included in the original event notice, and for privacy reasons is not listed here.  If you need assistance, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 800-729-2586 or


Sponsored by Los Angeles Carleton Club. Contact: Jeanne Estrem