Current Alumni Council Members


Sarah MarisSarah Maris '85
Fair Haven, NJ

Sarah majored in Economics and while at Carleton participated in the Social Programming Board, CSA, and the off-campus program to Cambridge. She received an M.B.A. from Stanford University. She worked in marketing for Quaker Oats Company and retired for about 20 years to raise her children and pursued an active career as a community volunteer. Through this experience she is now assisting small businesses in utilizing their limited resources and is in the process of starting up a small business-consulting firm, to help small businesses improve their communication with current customers and open their products and services to new markets. Sarah has been highly involved as an Alumni Admissions Representative and as an Alumni Annual Fund volunteer.

Alumni Council Trustee Members

Michele Joy '77

Mark Applebaum '89

Frances L. Spangler '91

Larnzell Martin '72


Love AnaniLove Anani '07
At-Large Member
Nashville, TN



Love Anani majored in Biology while at Carleton College and took his passion to pursue a career in medicine. He is currently an Emergency Medicine Physician and EMS Director in the Nashville area. He currently lives with his wife, Uchenna Anani, whom he met in med school and fell in love. They both enjoy traveling and are avid movie watchers.  Love continues to keep in contact with his Carleton friends and expresses himself through dance and music at the drop of a beat. He continues to work with the AAF and the ’07 Class Reunion Committee. 

Mike Armstrong '72Michael Armstrong '76
At-Large Member
San Jose, CA

I left the “Valley of Heart’s Delight" for “Cows, Colleges and Contentment” in September 1972. Adjusting to the first real winter in my life, I majored in Economics, served on the Academic Standing Committee, and made a slew of friends for life. After a MBA at the University of Chicago I began work in the economics and financial data/analytics business, typically with firms who ultimately were sold to companies with deeper pockets. After hitting the 6-0, I founded my own company to work with small analytics ventures in raising capital and recruiting management teams.  I’ve been able to serve on our 25 and 40 year Reunion Committees and attend many Bay Area alumni events.

My daughters avoided Carleton but one now refers to it as “the Gold Standard” for liberal arts colleges. She went to Pitzer and the other is studying to be a nurse. However, my oldest granddaughter was recently sighted in a Carleton baseball cap so there is hope.

The home front includes my wife Karen, longtime Apple employee and our 1973 Buick Electra 225- the later was produced in Flint,MI during my freshman year.

Nosipho BeaufortNosipho Beaufort '01
At-Large Member

Atlanta, GA

Nosipho majored in Psychology and is currently completing her MPH at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. During her time at Carleton, she was a member of the Knightingales and the Accidentals, and participated in an off-campus program in London. Nosipho has worked in public health for the last 11 years, first with the Florida Department of Health and currently as a Federal Health Strategy and Operations Consultant with Deloitte. Nosipho has continued her involvement with Carleton as an Alumni Admissions Representative and Career Guide. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Amy BevilacquaAmy Bevilacqua '89
At-Large Member

Alexandria, VA

I came to Carleton from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up, and I majored in English had a concentration in Film Studies, and did a lot of theater.  I loved Carleton so much that I began my career there after graduation, serving as an Admissions Officer for four years. While I was initially offended when my boss at Carleton, Paul Thiboutot, recommended business school (as I fancied myself as a bit of an artist/performer), I eventually took his advice and got my MBA at Yale, which was the closest thing I could find to a liberal arts education within a business school.  Starting off in the education sector ended up being a kind of north star for me, and I’ve spent my career at the intersection of education, media and technology.  I currently serve as the Chief Innovation Officer for American Public Education, where we run one of the largest fully online universities in the US, with a particular focus on serving adult learners. I was thrilled to re-engage with Carleton by co-chairing the Gift Committee for my 25th Reunion, where we set a record for Reunion Gifts—one that I hope has been broken by now. I live in Alexandria, VA with my husband, David, who is a stay at home dad, and my children Charlie (14) and Natalie (11)—both of whom think Carleton is the ultimate in colleges, and I agree!

 Damali BrittonDamali Britton '18
Student Representative
Phoenix, AZ

Damali is a Political Science/International Relations major and Educational Studies concentrator. On campus, Damali runs for Carleton’s Track and Field Team, works for the Career Center, and is involved in a number of campus organizations/activities such as the Students Engaging in Essential Dialogue Committee and a certain Carleton trivia event. She is also a Mellon Graduate Student Experience Fellow. Damali has a variety of interests mostly related to social justice, public policy, law, marketing/public relations, and international development. She is really excited to join the Alumni Council. 

Peter Bruno '17Peter Bruno '17
Student Representative

Schaumberg, IL

Peter is a Political Science/International Relations Major and Political Economy concentrator. Since beginning his college career, he has interned in the legal department of a Fortune 200 company, the office of a U.S. Congresswoman, and the Department of Planning and Development of the City of Chicago. At Carleton he works as the Fellow for Political Engagement and Activism in the Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE) and serves as a senator on CSA. In the winter of 2015 Peter participated in a Carleton off-campus program in Myanmar and Thailand where he conducted field research and studied political economy and social ecology. He hopes to one day work for a government agency or international corporation.

Cristian Castro-BrizendineCristian Castro-Brizendine '19
Student Representative

Council Bluffs, IA

Cristian is a Studio Arts major with a heavy anthropological leanings. On campus, he co-student directs Carleton's pre-professional dance company Semaphore, serves as a Queer Peer for incoming freshman, and is involved in a number of campus organizations including Latin American Student Organization and Queer Questioning Trans People of Color. He is also a first year Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow where he hopes to produce research that combines his interests in social justice, youth advocacy, urban art and space, and personal development.


R. Ernesto CruzR. Ernesto Cruz '01
At-Large Member

Chicago, IL

Ernesto double majored in American studies and media studies at Carleton before pursuing a career in education. He's taught at six secondary or post-secondary institutions since graduation, specializing until this year in urban ed and the retention of young men of color. Somewhere in there he found the time to start an MA in American studies at the University of Kansas and complete an MA in the history of western thought at St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM. In addition to being an active volunteer for the Alma Mater since graduation, Ernesto enjoys raising his two sons Ramon and Salvador and doing whatever it is his wife Anya ('01) has planned for him.

DuermeyerSteve Duermeyer '64
At-Large Member

Coronado, CA

Recognized as a leader in a class of leaders—1964 consistently has the highest participation rates in Carleton’s Alumni Annual Fund—Steve Duermeyer has previously served on Alumni Council (from 1994 to 1998) and helped transform the reunion giving program at Carleton. He has been instrumental in developing Carleton’s model for mini-reunions, frequently volunteers for Carleton’s regional clubs, and has given to the Alumni Annual Fund for 52 consecutive years.

After majoring in history at Carleton and being commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy in 1965, Steve rose to the rank of captain over a distinguished 30-year career. After retiring from the Navy in 1995, he spent a year as special assistant to President Stephen R. Lewis Jr. to initiate a new model for reunion giving, attendance, and participation.

Steve hosted the Class of 1964’s inaugural class mini-reunion in the home he shares with his wife, Penny, in Coronado, California, in 2000. Since then, the class has annually celebrated at varied locations, strengthening class cohesion and connection to the College. In 2014, Steve was presented Carleton’s Exceptional Service Award for his imagination, determination, and his willingness to work either “on stage” or behind the scenes to accomplish great things for his class and the College.

Derek FriedDerek Fried '93
At-Large Member

St. Paul, MN

Born and raised in New York City, Derek ended up attending Carleton when he didn’t get into his top three college choices. Fortunately for him he met his wife (Betsy Currie ’93) there and now lives in St. Paul with her and their three daughters. Along with his degree in History from Carleton, Derek also holds an MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. Derek has spent most of his professional career in a variety of roles in banking and currently manages a team in Wells Fargo’s Global Banking unit that specializes in export finance. Derek’s post-graduation involvement with Carleton began in 1998 as a member of his 5th Reunion planning committee. Over the years his service to Carleton has included membership in the Annual Fund Board and in the most recent presidential search committee. When not writing about himself in the third person, Derek is generally involved with one sort of family activity or another.

Anne GuttridgeAnne Guttridge '18
Student Representative

Columbus, OH

Anne is a Sociology/Anthropology major and an American Music concentrator from Columbus, OH. At Carleton she sings in the Jazz Ensemble and is the lead singer of a student band, Elephant Run. She also gives tours, is on the board of directors for KRLX, and is a student worker for the SOAN department. Her studies and extracurricular activities stem from her interest in media and public broadcasting and from her fascination with social change and cultural development. Between school years, she has interned for WCBE, Central Ohio’s NPR Station and for TPT, Twin Cities Public Television.

David Hoppe '89David Hoppe '89
C-Club Representative

Bloomington, MN

Dave was a History major at Carleton and now works for Charles Schwab & Co. in Minneapolis. While at Carleton, he frittered away his time playing football and rugby, and also amassing many intramural championships. He still plays competitive broomball with his former teammates. His squad, "The Bar of Many Sals" (it's a long story), most recently won a league championship in 2015. It was known to some as a "Rec league, Class C, lower division" championship, but, to Dave and his mates, a title is a title. He lives in Bloomington with his two daughters and faithful yellow lab, Hank. Dave holds the "Chartered Financial Analyst" (or "CFA") designation. He has served as an agent for the Alumni Annual Fund, on the board of the Carleton Athletic Initiative, and, after many years on the C-Club board of directors, will next year take over the chairmanship role for that board.

Reid Koester '03
At-Large Member
Washington, DC

Beth LewisBeth Lewis '71
At-Large Member

Roseville, MN

I majored in English, but wish it had been Asian Studies. Attended first offering of Chicago ACM Urban Studies Program in Fall 1969. At Carleton participated in theater, civil rights and Viet Nam war protests, and worked in the dining halls. Received a Lofgren Fellowship and attended the M.I.T. Sloan Fellows program, completing a M.S. in Management in 1988.

My varied work life and multi-careers started with being the first house mother at Culver Military Academy’s Girls School. After one “Dead Poet Society” year, I headed back to Twin Cities and started work at Control Data Corporation (CDC) in pioneering work of using computer databases in large litigation. Returned to Carleton in 1973 to help start the Career Center. I was recruited back to CDC for more work in litigation support, corporate communications, and in a career in human resource management. In 1992, I left the for-profit world and served as the V.P. of Human Resources for Lutheran Social Service of MN. After my husband’s death, I did an encore job at LSS developing their volunteer services.

I am now retired from paid work, but am engaged in various volunteer activities. My volunteer involvement with Carleton has included previous term on Alumni Board and College Council, volunteering with the Career Center and helping with multiple reunion plans. I enjoy spending the summers at my Ely cabin, on the edge of the BWCAW. I love to paddle, walk in the woods, attend art events and travel the world. My bio photo is from Carleton’s “Sea of Cortez” adventure.

Joseph Lofgren '00
At-Large Member

Minneapolis, MN

Steve Maack '90Steve Maack '90
At-Large Member

Wichita, KS

Steve teaches high school English at Wichita High School East in Wichita, KS. He graduated from Carleton in 1990 with a degree in English, then student taught through Carleton's "13th Term" program before heading to Wichita where he has lived and taught ever since. He has since earned an MA in English from Wichita State University. He is a National Board Certified Teacher and has been teaching in the International Baccalaureate program at Wichita East for 11 years. In 2009 and 2011 he coached Wichita East's Ultimate team to USA Ultimate High School Nationals. Since graduation from Carleton, Steve has remained active as an Alumni Admissions Representative and member of the Alumni Admissions Board. He has also served as a member of the class of 1990 Reunion Planning Team and is currently a class officer. The number of Steve's former students who have attended Carleton is entering the double-digits, and he is immensely proud of that.

Selam NicolaSelam Nicola, 2019
Student Member
Austin, TX

As a second-year college economics student, I am interested in exploring a wide variety of fields in Economics including consulting, risk management, investment baking and sustainable poverty reduction. A dedicated hard worker and learner, I am always looking for ways to build, expand, and flex my intellectual muscle, whether it be through experiential learning or academics.

Christopher PayneChristopher Payne '91
At-Large Member

Berkeley, CA

I majored in Physics with a concentration in Technology and Policy Studies. While at Carleton, I also played a leadership role in the Carleton Cycling Club and racing team, and in the collegiate cycling arm of the US Olympic Committee.

After Carleton, I went on to receive an M.S. in Science and Technology Studies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and a Ph.D. in Urban Affairs and Public Policy (with a specialization in Energy and Environmental Policy) from the University of Delaware. I’ve been a researcher with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), studying energy efficiency and sustainability for the past 25 years - most of that spent in LBNL’s Washington, DC office. In 2013, I relocated to the “home office” in Berkeley, CA, where I now live with my dog Debo.

Emily Ross '17Emily Ross '17
Student Representative
Niwot, CO

Emily Ross is a geology and studio art double major from Boulder, Colorado. On campus, she hosts a radio show on KRLX, plays cello in Just Cellin, Carleton's Cello Choir, and works as a sports photographer on campus. She is excited to participate in Alumni Council, and has worked with alums in the past as a reunion staff member and through a winter break externship at NOAA. This summer, she will be studying extremely old indicators of life on Earth at NASA, where she hopes to get a better idea of what she wants to do after Carleton.

Nonoko SatoNonoko Sato '00
At-Large Member
Minneapolis, MN

Nonoko ​ majored in International Relations at Carleton and moved to San Francisco after graduation. She has co-chaired 5th, 10th and 15th reunion committees and has been an active member of the Alumni Admissions Representative Program, both as a Team Leader for Northern California and currently as a board member.

She spent the past 13 years working at SMART - an educational nonprofit in San Francisco that provides low-income students access to exceptional schools and the skills needed to thrive in college and in life. She became the Executive Director in 2008, and under her leadership SMART tripled the number of students served and expanded its services through high school. 94% of SMART students pursue college, including four who chose Carleton College! As a first-generation college student, she believes strongly in the power of education as a catalyst to help break cycles of poverty. She has worked extensively in partnering with schools and organizations to promote access, equity and inclusion within their communities.  She received the In the Spirit of Carleton Award in 2015.

Her other passion is theater, specifically promoting diverse representation on stage for Asian American artists and their stories. She served on the board of the Asian American Theater Company and the Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company in San Francisco.

She relocated to Minneapolis, MN with her husband Ted ('00) and their two children, Odin and Kaia in 2017.


Robert Strauss '73Robert Strauss '73
At-Large Member

Haddonfield, NJ

I majored in philosophy at Carleton and immediately after graduation became a sportswriter, which only a Carleton degree in philosophy can adequately prepare anyone for.  At Carleton, I was in the kind of plethora of activities most everyone was.  I was president of the student body, sports editor of the Carletonian, a member of the freshman basketball team and club rugby, in two plays as an actor and one playing the vibraphone in the orchestra and, most important of all, was a two-year Czar of Rotblatt.  In fact, for a time – and maybe even today – I held the record for the worst batting average in the 100-innning-plus game.  I worked as a reporter at Sports Illustrated, a feature writer at the Philadelphia Daily News, a news and sports producer at KYW-TV in Philadelphia and a TV critic for the Asbury Park Press and Philadelphia Inquirer.  I owned Jerry’s Restaurant in Philadelphia in the 1980's.  For the last 15 years or so, I have been a freelance journalist and teach non-fiction writing at the University of Pennsylvania.  I wrote the book, “Daddy’s Little Goalie,” a funny/sentimental memoir about being the dad of girl athletes.  My daughters both went to Davidson College, the Carleton of the South.  The older one, Ella, 24, works in the alumni office there, while the younger one, Sylvia, is a junior.  I live in Haddonfield, NJ, a suburb of Philadelphia, with my wife, Susan Warner, who is a saint and tolerates me.

Steve ToureSteve Toure '18
Student Representative

Aldan, PA

Steve is a Psychology major from Aldan, Pennsylvania. On campus Steve plays on the Men’s club volleyball team, and he dances with the WHOA! Hip-Hop Dance Company. Steve is a Residential Advisor and enjoys building his own floor community.  With that being said, Steve is very excited to work with the Alumni Council to broaden his outreach of community building from residential life to the extended Carleton Community as a whole.      

Derek WallaceDerek Wallace '92
At-Large Member
Minneapolis, MN

I majored in International Relations at Carleton – before it was even a standard major – and participated in way too many extracurricular activities such as ultimate frisbee (CUT), theatre, dance (Ebony II) and volleyball, as well as lots of IM teams. Carleton truly changed my life trajectory and I am so thankful for the experiences I had and the lifelong friends that I made. 

Life after Carleton has been extremely varied and good to me, which is such an awesome thing to be able to say.  I had the fortune of achieving a life goal of living in several countries, including Australia, Denmark and the UK, and enjoyed playing and coaching ultimate frisbee in each location from beginners through to national teams.  I met my Australian wife, Philomena, while on vacation in Spain – meeting three times in three different cities by accident and finally accepting that someone was trying to tell us something.  While in London, I had the fortune of taking over the role of the Chair of the London Alumni Club from my distinguished predecessor, Richard Allen Greene (’91). I spent most of my work career in the high tech industries in various marketing and operations roles and am now Director of Product Management at MultiTech Systems in the Industrial Internet of Things field.  After living overseas for 15 years, I returned home to Minneapolis in 2015 to be close to family and long-time friends, many of which are Carleton alums.

I really enjoy living in Minneapolis – owning a home for the first time, not sharing walls with loud neighbors in apartment buildings, having a commute that’s less than 90 minutes and being able to see family and friends at the spur of the moment.  I’m looking forward to being more involved with Carleton via the Alumni Council.