Student Representatives

Alumni Council Student Representatives

The mission of the Alumni Council is to encourage, support, and promote useful and active stewardship of the resources and affairs of Carleton College by all Association members.

Student representatives on the Alumni Council  create close relationships between students and alumni, and provide student input into Council deliberations and priorities. Student representatives must attend Council meetings held on campus (Fall and Spring) and serve on the Student ‘N Alumni Programming Board where they will support building class cohesiveness and provide/implement ideas for student-alumni connections.

The current Student Representatives on the Alumni Council are:

  • Peter Bruno '17
  • Emily Ross '17
  • Damali Britton '18
  • Anne Guttridge '18
  • Steve Toure '18
  • Christian Castro-Brizendine '19
  • Selam Nicola '19

The dates for the 2017-2018 Alumni Council Meetings are:

  • Spring Meeting April 6-7, 2018
  • Fall Meeting October 6-7, 2018