Alumni e-Newsletter--February 2010 (Wednesday, February 24, 2010)

Carleton Alumni Job Postings

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
By Geoff Leung '06

Fellow Carleton Alumni-

I have started a post-by-email blog for job postings for Carleton alumni that is searchable and easy to follow via RSS. I've spoken with the Career Center about something like this, but at this time there is no central location for job listings for alumni. 

The site will be particularly advantageous in New York City because of the high concentration of Carleton grads. Providing those of us with knowledge of openings a way to connect with alumni will strengthen the Carleton network and help to keep us employed. I plan to password protect it from non-Carleton grads after it picks up traction.

Here are the details:

Post a job by emailing it here:

View here:

About me: I'm an '06 Economics major living in New York. Feel free to send me