Carleton Connects Lecture Program

Carleton Connects logoAlumni, do you miss the intellectual life of Carleton, delving into new ideas with your classmates and favorite professors? Rediscover it through Carleton Connects, a monthly series of online presentations featuring both familiar and rising new faculty (and other special guests). 

Each Carleton Connects program is one hour, with 30-40 minutes of presentation by faculty followed by a period of questions and answers.  Because these events are by phone and/or online, you can participate wherever you happen to be! On the first call with Prof. Roy Grow, alumni from seven foreign countries dialed in to participate.

This calendar has no events coming up. Here is the last event available:

Carleton Connects: Professor Liz Raleigh

  • Thursday, May 14th, 12:00 pm

Less of a Transracial Adoption: The American Color Line & the Adoption of Asian, Hispanic, and Foreign-Born Black Children

How does transracial adoption -- the adoption of children of color by white parents -- reflect the color line in the United States? In this presentation, Liz Raleigh, Assistant Professor of Sociology, tackles this question by examining race and kinship through a market based framework. From an analysis of the US Census, she shows how white parents are more likely to adopt Asian and Hispanic children over black children. Yet her qualitative research drawn from interviews with adoption social workers complicates the demographic data by showing how some black children -- specifically foreign-born and biracial black children -- are often seen as more desirable by prospective adoptive parents. Her presentation concludes with implications for child well-being among transracially adopted children.