Quotes from Fellowship Recipients

“I thought it was an extraordinary opportunity and it served as a catalyst for me both personally and professionally.” — Bob Meiches ’76

“The Lofgren [Fellowship] enabled me to achieve some key professional and personal goals. I’d really encourage other women to apply.” — Beth Ann Lewis ’71

“The Lofgren Fellowship has afforded me the opportunity to combine the sometimes disparate fields of medicine and management as a physician executive.” — Mark Dietz ’80

"The Lofgren Fellowship was critical to obtaining company support for my Kellogg Executive MBA and my transition from in-house counsel to a principal and strategic business partner." — Sara Hays '86

"Enrollment in the Chicago Graduate School of Business program has highly motivated me to see a much larger potential for my future career and filled my toolbox with many tools that were previously missing." — Chad Ovel '96

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn valuable business disciplines, strategies, and sustainable practices which, along with a large network, have given me wonderful opportunities for new career paths with high business impact." — Aron Clymer '94