Get to know your MCAN board members!

Micah Evans Rivera '02, ChairMicah Evans Rivera '02

Micah Evans Rivera is a member of the Class of 2002 who majored in Biology. While at Carleton, she served as co-chair of the Coalition of Women of Color and participated in New Student Week as a leader and program assistant. She currently resides in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and teaches 9th grade Biology in Northern Illinois. Prior to joining Chicago Teaching Fellows, an alternative certification program to obtain her teaching license, she earned a Master of Public Health from University of Illinois at Chicago. Within the education field, she is interested in education policy and reform and the relationship between mentoring and student success.

Dwight Alexander '84

Adriana Castillo '18Adriana Castillo '18

Adriana Castillo is a member of the class of 2018 who is majoring in American Studies and minoring in Educational Studies. At Carleton, she serves as the student director of Intramural sports, is a facilitator for Students Engaged in Essential Dialogues (SEED), a member of the Senior Committee, and a Student Department Advisor for Educational Studies. Being a Posse scholar from Houston contributed to her interests within the field of education, specifically on issues of education inequality and the experiences of POC at historically white institutions. After Carleton, Adriana hopes to continue her education and pursue a master degree in Higher Education leadership.

Darwin Conner '93Darwin Conner

Darwin Conner graduated from Carleton College in 1993 and a history major. While at Carleton, he also managed to ride the bench for the basketball team. Darwin currently works as a finance attorney in New York, is a Co-Chair of his firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and sits on the Executive Council of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity. He is pictured on the right in the accompanying photo (with Bryan Stevenson).

Truscee Dorham '93

Ricardo Garcia '21 Ricardo Garcia

Ricardo is a member of the Class of 2021 who is majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, and double minoring in Educational Studies and Spanish. At Carleton, he is Resident Advisor and he is also a member of the Latin American Student Organization, Black Student Alliance, and a program director for Swipe-Out Hunger.

His main interests are in education policies and businesses, which have led him to be a research partner with Anita Chikkatur, the Chair of the Educational Studies Department. As a partner, he is helping to create an English, Somali, and Spanish website regarding Participatory Action Research.

Jennifer Lopez '02

Edylwise Romero '19Edylwise Romero

Her current subjects of interest are: Psychology, English, Medicine and Business.

She is passionate about social justice and making a positive impact in her communities. Volunteering for non-profit organizations such as Save Alternatives for Violent Environments and Muslim American Society Bay Area through a school organization she founded, have shown her the impact people can make in their communities.

Her hobbies are: reading, running, hiking with friends and family, watching Netflix and singing along to the radio with her brothers.