MCAN 2016 Newsletter

It's been a while since we've sent out a newsletter. See below for updates and information on what we've been up to!

In this newsletter:

MCAN Alumni in Residence

In spring, 2015, the second year of the Alumni in Residence (AiR) program was thrilled to host “media masters” Mary Stucky, ’77 and Lyle Banks, ’77, for a lively two-day encounter with students and faculty about “boots on the ground” traditional journalism and multi-faceted post-mod media and information systems.  Mary leads Round Earth Media, a global journalism bureau providing under-reported stories for top media whose coverage of gangs, murder, and migration in Honduras earned a 2014 Peabody, journalism’s highest award.  Mary teamed up with Lyle Banks, ’77, veteran network television broadcaster/digital media entrepreneur whose expertise in television & cable, “big data”, and other information architecture and economics is relied on by diverse enterprises, including venture capital firms and hospital systems.  Students and faculty were blown away by our dynamic colleagues’ understanding of the evolving scenes and opportunities of journalism and digital media.  This experience back on campus was really valuable and moving for Mary and Lyle as well:

Mary Stucky 

It was such a pleasure to connect with students, to hear their hopes and dreams, offering advice and inspiration from my own experience.  I have been in touch with many of these students since I left campus last month and we still stay in touch. Connections, networking, broad friendships and experiences mark my Carleton education and are essential to students now and in the future. I applaud you for the MCAN initiative and hope to stay engaged with it and other efforts to support a diverse student body at Carleton.

Lyle Banks 

Reconnecting with the school reawakens and energizes the bonds we have with Carleton.  It's hard for our affection for the school not to be infectious through the many encounters on campus with  students. That affection, in action, naturally leads to giving - through service and/or philanthropy.  Carleton should do all it can to nurture connections between its special alumni and the school.  The roots of an extraordinary relationship have been established long ago.

And the beat goes on as AiR, in response to students’ interest in higher education, brought to campus in January 2016, Dana Wright ’96, Phd, University of Illinois and Lance McCready '90, Phd, University of San Francisco, to share the academic and administrative facets of such careers.  In their well-attended two day residence, these “visiting professors” had stimulating and fun mentoring encounters with students along with important conversations with faculty.  Dana and Lance inspired the campus community, and our MCAN guests each were thankful for such a great and meaningful experience in giving back to Carleton.

DANA WRIGHT '95                               LANCE MCCREADY '90

Dana Wright                           Lance McCready



ON CAMPUS, APRIL, 2015 In our April visit, the MCAN board interacted with scores of students over pizza and salad, including recipients of the MCAN Scholars internship funding, Native American leadership, and continental Africa-based student entrepreneurs.  We also hosted professors Harry Williams, Cherif Keita, and post-doc Kevin Wolfe for lunch and conversation about current academic culture and the importance of our alumni involvement, especially to current students and faculty of color.  Hudlin Wagner and Joy Kluttz joined us for a special session (the same as offered to Trustees) on the challenges and successes of enrolling Carleton-caliber students from our communities, reinforcing that our alumni cadre is essential in this competitive process, significantly as AARs.  The board joined the Alumni Council in summary session, and the most compelling and productive discussion centered on improving the College’s attractiveness to the increasingly diverse national applicant pool of most qualified students.  We’ve taken in a lot of notable concerns and great ideas about Carleton and its potential as a school for “youth from every quarter”, and will share that information in an upcoming letter to the MCAN communities.

The MCAN Board also met this past April 2016 for its annual board meeting in Northfield.  Check out photos from the 2016 MCAN Board meeting on campus with some of the groups we were able to meet with during the weekend.

MCAN Board and current students at the 2016 MCAN meeting

Meeting with current students in Sayles Hill Lounge

MCAN Board and Professors Keita and Williams at the 2016 MCAN meeting

The board gathers with Professors Keita and Williams in the Weitz Center for Creativity

MCAN Board and Hudlin Wagner at the 2016 MCAN meeting

Our visit with the always wonderful Dean Hudlin Wagner



We’ve requested through a survey information from recipients of MCAN Scholars internship funding to to assess the initiative’s impact on career choices and to make improvements, with responses pending. 


In conjunction with Admissions, we’d requested from our communities in 2015 additional help in direct recruitment of students.  We had substantial sign-ups (thank you all!), but know that more volunteers will strengthen the process.  To find out more and consider volunteering  for admissions outreach (generally no more than a few days per year), please visit the AAR site.


MCAN is on FACEBOOK, with a myriad of interesting student and alumni-related posts you’ll enjoy, so become a friend and follow and contribute  to the feeds.  Note that the page will track notable events on campus, including convocations and other “thought visitors” of interest.  Many current students, with “old school” respect and sensibility, want photos of us from past classes, so take a camera pic of some of your 3x5s or whatever you’ve got and send that on: corny, crinkly is just fine as well as hi-def.  A Bay Area MCAN listserv is up and running, with lots of networking already in effect, and other regional message boards are in the offing, and you’ll know when they’re online.


We are now aligned directly with OIIL (Office of Intercultural & International Life, formerly known as Minority/Multicultural Affairs), significant for informing students of MCAN opportunities and resources, and in general have become more visible as a support network for students.


That’s the working title of an MCAN archival initiative to gather a variety of materials (photos, writings, artwork, performance recordings, etc.) from members of MCAN communities over the decades to present as part of the College’s Sesquicentennial events continuing into 2017.  Our FACEBOOK page, with a sophisticated and attentive webmaster (Luke!!!)  is an easy way to submit something.  A lot of current students (and this has been true too long for many of the more recent classes) have little idea of the long and rich tradition of our presence at Carleton.  If enough of you offer something, in tandem with on-campus archives, we can dramatically change that with an online exhibition and parallel digital on-campus installation for the 150th anniversary of the College’s founding.

6. Carleton's 150th birthday

Carleton celebrated its 150th birthday October 13-15, 2016!  A fantastic weekend of on-campus events, including engaging speakers, student performances, a carnival, all alumni association reception,  convocation with MPR personality Garrison Keillor, and much more.  In addition, Carleton is hosting a special 150th digital gallery that invites people to join in the celebration wherever they may be located. 

As part of the festivities, MCAN co-hosted an on-campus alumni association reception on Saturday, October 15 from 5-6 pm.  At the reception, MCAN shared with the greater alumni body some information on why it was founded, what initiatives it is currently supporting, and how to get involved.

You can find videos of all campus events, share your story, and view the digital gallery at

7. Carleton Alumnae Women of Color Retreat

The first Carleton Alumnae Women of Color Retreat was held at Camp Courage September 9-11, 2016.  Nearly 60 alumnae with supporting staff and facilitators attended a powerful weekend full of reflection, goal setting and making connections across class years.

CAWOC 2016 


Minneapolis alumni came together in 2015 for a lively, super well-attended MCAN-sponsored Carleton gathering, and thanks to all those who joined the fun.  Bay Area MCAN had a great event at the end of the year, with Chicago doing its thing in January 2016 as part of Hudlin Wagner’s wonderful national tour and conversation with alumni. New York (Tri-State region) is also planning a special MCAN event for 2016, and we’d like to add other communities to the fun.

If you are interested in hosting a regional gathering for MCAN alumni in your area, let us know at!


The fantastically organized, dedicated, and engaging Margarita Herrera of Chicago (she of the delicious meeting goodies of gourmet popcorn, sweets, and other inducements) passed leadership to the able, affable, inimitable Luke Lightning of San Francisco, whose digital startup expertise is helping MCAN catch up with post-mod com. and ensuring at least one round of good liquor when board work goes long (hiccup).  Other additions are Eryn Carter '94 of Chicago and Truscee Dorham '93 of Minneapolis.  The board is focused on fulfilling existing MCAN initiatives while contributing to core College alumni programs and needs in conjunction with the Alumni Council and Out After Carleton.  There has never been such a progressive and productive interaction of all the College’s alumni, and MCAN is pleased to be part of this leadership.


MCAN is a great and progressive point of contact with the College, and please consider how you might contribute as part of the board or as an at-large member.  We are looking for new board members of all decades to join us for the upcoming year, as well as volunteers willing to host a regional event for area MCAN alumni and students.  Please click here to let us know how you'd like to get involved!