Past OAC Reunions



In 2011, we had a lot to celebrate: the 20 year anniversary of Out After Carleton and the 10 year anniversary of the Gender and Sexuality Center on campus.




  • Convocation by Anne Fausto-Sterling
  • Common reading discussions
  • Conversations about the intersections of race and sexual identity
  • Multi-generational conversations about the Carleton experience
  • Films
  • Discussion about religion and spirituality within the LGBT community
  • Parenting and families discussion
  • Discussion group on LGBT and the media
  • Events with current students and faculty


"Larry Gould's memorable statement - 'You are a part of Carleton, and Carleton is a part of you' - poignantly expresses the College's long-standing commitment to community and inclusiveness."

"For years, many LGBT students and alumni found that at least the first part of President Gould's famous statement didn't ring true or was, at best, aspirational. At worst, it evoked painful emotions of feeling excluded. Those students and alumni who recognized or were struggling with their sexual orientation and affectional preference often felt that, unless they were willing to be inauthentic about themselves, they could not really be a part of Carleton."

"Happily, concrete signs indicate that things have begun to change, that the efforts and dialogues initiated by numerous students and alumni over the past four decades have had an effect..."

"This second LGBT Family Reunion also reinforces the College's broader commitment to diversity and tolerance. Diversity and tolerance are hallmarks of a sound liberal arts education; they create an environment conducive to investigating the subtle ambiguities of thought and intellectual inquiry, to comprehending ideals of community, and to encouraging the full potention of personal growth. This reunion openly celebrates inclusiveness, identity, and the renewal of community."


"We've been talking for five years about putting together a Carleton weekend for GLBT alums, partners and friends to return to Carleton for our own reunion event. Well gang, that time is finally here. It shouldn't take more than a minute to recall the crisp October days in Northfield, when maple trees turn vibrant yellow. Is there a faculty member you'd like to see again? Want to show your partner your favorite campus haunts? Or check out the new buildings? There will be time for all of that."

"We are hoping for a healthy mix of remembering 'what it was like when...' learning 'what it's like now,' finding old and new friends, sharing personal experiences, examining issues and challenges, and looking to the future."


  • Convocation: "Straight Reactions to 'I'm Gay.' Intergenerational Panel Discussion
  • Then and Now: Informal discussion with current students and alumni about campus life for GLBT students from the 40s to the present
  • "Lesbian Mothering" Art Gallery Talk with photographer Cathy Cade '63
  • Presidential Reception
  • Mini Film Festival
  • Oral History Project: Telling Our Stories
  • and much more!