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  • Soon Kai Exhibit

    Student-Curated Arts in the Weitz

    April 22, 2014 in
    Senior Studio Art and Chemistry double-major Soon Kai Poh curated a display of four Japanese prints to hang in the Weitz space as part of his campus work in the Carleton art collection. Soon Kai chose four prints that represent different genres, time periods, and approaches to printing within the Japanese woodblock tradition. “We have such a great collection that not very many people get the chance to see,” he said, explaining that he hoped to showcase Carleton’s sizable collection of Japanese prints in his selected works. Check out Soon Kai’s picks on the 2nd floor landing of the Weitz Center for Creativity.
  • A photo from a Kunqu Opera production

    Guest Artist: Shen Tili, Kunqu Opera

    April 16, 2014 in

    Experience the “Passing Through Time” in a work that combines Chinese traditional music with ancient Kunqu Opera.  A talented young woman named Qiao Xiao-Qin reads the story of “The Peony Pavilion” on a cold, rainy night. Fantasizing about being in the story herself, she soon finds herself passing back through time and becoming the main character in the ancient story, Du Li-Niang. The April 26 performance features superstar Kunqu Opera actress Shen Yi-Li from Shanghai, accompanied by top professional performers of Chinese traditional instruments...

  • Rothblatt's plan for Sacramento Kings stadium

    Sacramento Kings: A Sustainable NBA Arena for the Endless Frontier Architecture talk by Rob Rothblatt '83

    April 16, 2014 in

    The Sacramento Kings are constructing a new venue notable for its commitment to a very high environmental standard.  Learn about the project from one of the architects, Rob Rothblatt (Carleton Class of 1983) and join a conversation with Rob afterwards. No admission and open to the public.

    Rob Rothblatt will also be having 30 Minutes time-slots in the Career Center. Click here to sign up (Career Center event is for Carleton students only).

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